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Thread: Musical interlude

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    Default Musical interlude

    Saturday evening in from the club, a bottle of wine and some music to end the night.
    On U Tube the Eagles with two numbers, the Credit Card and Dear John songs.

    I got to thinking then how music has changed since the end of WW2.
    My earliest recollection is my aunt putting troubles in a bag, two guys under some arches trying to mend a broken brolly.
    The sweetheart looking for birds over the cliff, and some Shelia with the biggest bloody plant in the world.
    There was some guy who wanted to take Kathleen home again, and again , and again my mothers favorite song, wonder if he ever did?

    Then came Lonnie with his Skiffle, but he had problems with his chewing gum, followed by the one we had to Steel ourselves fort, some ex Cunard winger who could sing.

    But the Americans not to be outdone arrived, Bill trying to rock around her frock and the Pelvis who gyrated so much the ladies went into a state of hot flush.
    Then George and his gay brother who messed with the keys but loved his mama.

    Not to be outdone again Britain came to the rescue with Cliff, who eventually went on a summer holiday but sadly the bludger came back.

    The arrival of bugs then changed the music scene, they brought a new prospect to it all, but they did love her and spent time picking strawberrys insisn some lane.
    The strolling bones spent so much time trying to get some guy down from a cloud, how did he get up there.
    Some Welsh man who thought the grass was greener somewhere else.

    All this brought forth a number of smaller bands who for a while made us happy, there was one that had to cancel his milk order, and then wanted to know how I did it to him. Never did find out what that was.
    Gerry and the paca macs stuck on a ferry with the anthem of the Liverpool FC.

    Then along came another invasion, this time from Oz with a group who could not find a lost sheep and some guy who said I remember you, problem was I never met him.

    Then another USA import in the shape of a Diamond, something about Caroline, she must have been good.
    Poor Rod, taken advantage of by an older woman, know the feeling well as it happened to me on numerous occasions.

    A change of royalty then occurred, bit Bohemian and trying to break free, but now considered the best rock band ever.

    So much change has taken place and continues, I wonder if in maybe 50 years or so some one reading this will say what the bloody hell was he on about.

    Answers to the song titles on the back of an envelope and send to BBC.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
    World Traveller

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    Default Re: Musical interlude

    Quote Originally Posted by happy daze john in oz View Post

    So much change has taken place and continues, I wonder if in maybe 50 years or so some one reading this will say what the bloody hell was he on about.

    They'll also say the same if someone starts talking about ships or the Merchant Navy

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    Default Re: Musical interlude

    ...let their tales be told.

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