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September 12, 2022 * 27 posts * 1,061 views
Merchant Navy General PostingsJohn F Collier said:
Sitting here on a seafront bench looking across the Thames Estuary: It's a lovely day, the tide is rolling in and a nice breeze bringing with it the strong smell of ozone, with such a peaceful scene it's hard to imagine the activity these ... Read more >>
August 17, 2022 * 14 posts * 586 views
Merchant Navy General PostingsRobert George Young said:
Love to know if your parents were in Navy? The ships and experiences? Thank you ... Read more >>
August 19, 2022 * 27 posts * 263 views
Appeals - Can you help...Margaret Watson said:
Good Afternoon All, I am searching for the death of my Grandfather Archibald Sinclair, a Scot and a Merchant Navy seaman whose death is recorded on the family headstone in Callander Scotland. It reads Archibald Sinclair died 26th December ... Read more >>
April 30, 2021 * 59 posts * 5,737 views
Welcome - Please say hello.Dennis Billaney said:
NAVARINO MOWT 165913 DROMORE CASTLE MOWT 143836 SS KALEV MOWT 165996 Thank you for allowing me aboard and A BIG THANK YOU to the owners, as well as anyone contributing to this website and forum. I really appreciate your efforts! Mission ... Read more >>
July 24, 2022 * 14 posts * 1,431 views
Merchant Navy General PostingsGlyn Jones said:
I am trying to find details of a discharge book for a pal, whose Dad was in MN around 1915? as an engineer. All the information I have is as follows: Name: Llewellyn Jenkins DOB 24/8/1897 Aberystwyth died 11/3/1988 Discharge Book No ... Read more >>
September 22, 2022 * 11 posts * 296 views
Merchant Navy General Postingsj.sabourn said:
How many sailed on ships where the outside weather steel decks never saw a lick of paint. The maintainance on these decks were the same as normal re chipping scraping and wirebrushing. ... Read more >>
September 19, 2022 * 15 posts * 403 views
News Snippetsj.sabourn said:
After sitting up half the night to watch the final of the British Monarch being laid to rest, let me congratulate the BBC and other news sources on their excellent coverage of ... Read more >>
September 25, 2022 * 8 posts * 146 views
Swinging the LampHarry Nicholson said:
I've placed an ebook (Green Linnet) anthology of stories etc. on Amazon that's free today and the next four days. It has a mad sea story in it called 'Hokkaido the Noo!' that might ... Read more >>
September 25, 2022 * 6 posts * 143 views
My Memoires and Other Interesting Thingsj.sabourn said:
NATO & World War 3 - Page 8 ( Post #71 Re last post and Black Horse 1958 If got into the bar section you will have probably known my old man. I was away at sea ... Read more >>
September 21, 2022 * 6 posts * 140 views
World Warsalexander scherly said:
Does anyone have a record of the MV Georgic's voyage from (Kenya??) to Egypt in 1941 I mean the trip right before it was bombed at Port Tewfik. I am researching a family member's ... Read more >>