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Thread: Wartime map references/codes

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    Default Re: Wartime map references/codes

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Vernon View Post
    Hello Hazel
    Glad it was of help it was just a stab and did not know if it was correct info.


    Just thinking Hazel do you have any actual movement cards of any of the Ships?
    I only ask as they may be of interest to you, ? If you give me a list of the Ships in Question i will see if i can obtain their movement cards but no promises as not all are available !
    Need the Year of the Ships Voyage that you are interested in.

    Hi Doc,

    That would be fantastic! I can only give approximate dates for the first two ships. Further, I feel there is not much chance of finding information on either! There is a lap over in time as I am not sure when Dad transferred from one ship to the other.
    USED Tug Delamar belonged to US Army corps of engineers. It was an ocean going tug that travelled around the West Indies and US Coast. The period in which I am interested Oct 1942 – Oct 1943
    Wellandoc was a Panamanian registered ship on lease to Alcoa Steamship Company. Mostly she hauled Bauxite around West Indies, British Guyana and main coast USA. The Dates in which I am interested are June 1943 – June 1944. I believe by late May 1944 she was in Montreal Canada.

    After May 1944 I can identify all the ships as British Merchant ships and approximate dates and places:
    Samspeed (18001) left Montreal 20/6/44.
    Fort Massac left Suez 16/8/1944
    Trevanion left Naples 12/10/1944
    Empire Bairn left Naples 21/12/1944

    Then Dad was discharged sick for repatriation at Suez 11/6/1945. He was transferred home on board Monarch of Bermuda. Would it be possible to track down where the ship's logs might be for these ships/dates?

    BTW, I have just discovered the transcript of Dad's CRS10 for Montreal onwards, it makes entertaining reading!

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    Default Re: Wartime map references/codes

    Hello Hazel
    Will see what i can get for you, and will send it through your Email hope that it is still current as when you Registered
    Dont post it here if anything send to me in a PM Please

    Have sent Files to you Hazel hope that you get them

    Ships actual Logs would be available from the NA when they Reopen Hazel.

    Just something on Empire Bairn would match up a lot with the Cards ??
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