I have just been going through some old photos belonging to my late father in law. One may be of some interest to fellow members, it is of a seaman in uniform. He was wearing a cap(no peak) similar to an RN's rating of today, but the lid is black. The rim has a band bearing the name ULSTER QUEEN. Some research indicates from the insignia of a red pennant with a white disc on his jumper, the above line.(later taken over by P+O). There is also the letters U.I.L. with the pennant. I can't find any information on this.

From the mother in laws recollections, the seaman in question could be a Jim O'Connor(?) who had a daughter of the name of Isabel. They at the time lived in Maghull, Liverpool. This was in the years of 1937-1942 or thereabouts.

Stephen Street.