Phillippe Philoppe!

What would you call the Eiffel Tower if it falls over? The I Fell Tower!

What do you call your angry French aunt? A crossaunt.

Are you from Paris? Because youíre driving me in-Seine.

Where does a French cat live? In Purr-is.

Donít eat the French fish. Itís poissan.

Why do the French eat snails? They donít like fast food.

What was left after an explosion at a French cheese factory? De Brie!

What do french fries do when they meet? They ketchup.

I asked a French man if he played video games. He said, ďWii!Ē

What do French ducks say? Quoi quoi.

Why do the French only serve one egg in their omelets? Because one egg is un oeuf.

I was surprised when I heard about the flooding in Paris. Normally, the water is líeau.

What do frogs eat in Paris? French flies.

Where do French cats live? In a chat-eau!

Why does everyone love visiting France? Because it is beautiful in every Cezanne.