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    A man walks into an antique shop and starts looking around. Suddenly he gazes upon the most stunning bronze statue of a Siamese cat. He asks the store owner how much he wants for the statue. The store owner replies, "It's 200 for the statue and $2000 for the story that goes with it. "The man replies, "I realy don't care about the story, but I do want the statue." By the time the man walks out of the shop two cats are waiting for him at the doorway, and 10 are there by the time he makes it to the crossing. He goes several more blocks , and , at another crosswalk he looks behind him again, there are about fifty cats following him.
    The man starts to get a little nervous and picks up his pace when the light changes, By the time he reaches the Pier at the end of the street, he has now been running for several blocks and is getting tired, behind him are over two hundred cats.
    Frantic, he gets to the end of the pier, pursued by 300! He does the only thing he can, and throws the statue into the water, whereupon every single cat goes in after it! Racing back to the shop, the shop owner sees him and says, "I knew you'd be back for the story.
    "To hell with the story," gasps the man. " Do you have a statue of a politician?"
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    Nice one Des.

    "Our veterans did not forget about us .... Let's not forget about them." From Michael Levesque

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