Quite agree about the lack of messages for Donaldson's. My "pool" was KGV in London's Royal Docks and in early 1960 there was a lack of J.O.S. jobs so I had to accept the "Cortona". She was in the Victoria Dock dry-dock undergoing repairs when I walked aboard. She was the dirtiest load of steel I'd seen but I prefered it to a Blue Star job. I signed on for the B.A. run a few days later and had the greatest time of my life. The entire deck crew averaged 22 / 24 years of age and we just jelled. We all stayed for a second trip and many remained good friends. It just goes to show, you should never judge a book by it's cover. I remember Lofty Wingate, Jim Orrit, Len Stone and Willie Hughes among others. I was on her from April to August 1960.