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Thread: How do I join the Scuttlebutt Members Only Forum

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    Exclamation How do I join the Scuttlebutt Members Only Forum

    To all members

    At this time we are introducing a completely new forum called Scuttlebutt. This forum is only accessible by ‘opting in’ to read and comment. There have been a number ofposts and threads recently which have offended some of our membership. I do not want to stifle freedom of speech, but I do believe some of this content would be better placed in a private location where those who have no wish to read it will not be able to see it. Those who do will have full access. Whilst moderation of this new forum will be less aggressive there will none the less inevitably be a few rules regarding its content. These are purely designed to protect the site and me, as owner, due to current legislation.Members who opt in are also free to opt out at any time.

    To access your membership of this forum simply follow these instructions:

    1. Locate Settings at the top of this page and click on it
    2. On the left hand side of the page half way down locate Permission Groups
    3. Click on this and a new page opens showing Scuttlebutt
    4. Click on the O alongside it then click Join Group.
    5. Return to the main forum page where you will now see the Scuttlebutt forum
    6. At any time if you wish to opt out simply reverse the procedure.

    I hope that you all continue to enjoy the site and will agree that these subtle changes benefit one and all.
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    Brian Probetts (site admin)

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