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Thread: Dermalogical effects of oils and detergents

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    Default Dermalogical effects of oils and detergents

    I think as time went on health and safety issues came in Rob, a lot of washing detergents were found to be unhealthy I beleive, and prone to giving unwanted skin conditions. The main problem with that is how to remove dirty heavy oil from your back and other extremities when soaked in the stuff, after working in bilge spaces on pipework or whatever. Dhobi dust and swarfega along with plenty of scrubbing did the trick and of course plenty of hot fresh water. U nfortunately I now have Plaque Psoriasis on the back and wonder if it is dhobi dust, swarfega or heavy oil related? Who knows. Happy days
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    Default Re: Dermalogical effects of oils and detergents

    Dermatitis is a very nasty condition often brought about by unknown means.

    The law here in Oz regarding food handling brought in the need for latex gloves to be worn for so many procedures, sandwich making and general handling of fresh foods etc.
    All was fine until outbreaks of Dermatitis reached such a height that local health officers were concerned.
    It had been brought on by the gloves, some people had a very bad reaction to the wearing of them.

    After much research the manufacturing of them was changed using different materials in their manufacturing.
    Apparently gloves for the food industry were not manufactured to the same standard then as for medical and other types.

    It was never considered that those in the food production industry would have such an adverse effect.
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