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Thread: The jobs we did before and after our Sea life .

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    Default The jobs we did before and after our Sea life .

    A revival of this Thread for all the New Comers Hope we get some good Experiences!

    Hi to All
    OK i know quite a few have been here before on the old site,but that is all gone now,so i thought that we might all just recap the things we have done other than in the MN??(Well include that as well of course)
    Thanks,and i will start the Ball rolling!

    The following Jobs span the Years from 1956 (16Years old) to 2005 (65Years old)

    As far as i can recall not necessarily in order!
    Cape Town

    Junior Messanger Boy Cape Town Privincial Adminstration (Wale Street)
    Learner Cable Jointer Cape Town Postal Services
    Learner Bespoke Tailor James Hinton Lever Cape Town
    Learner Pattern Cutter African Clothing Factory Cape Town (Woodstock)
    Silver Service Waiter South African Railways and Harbours
    Bus Conductor Cape Town City Transport Dept
    Trainee Traffic Officer ( Motor Cycle Patrol) Cape Town Traffic Dept Gallows Hill Road
    Tally Clerk (Stevedore) (Mitchell Cotts Stevedore Company) Cape Town Harbour

    Knysna (Groot Brak Rivier)

    Painter and Decorater Groot Brak Rivier (Knysna) Cape Province
    Telephonist Groot Brak River Exchange
    Builders Asst and Roof painter Groot Brak River Cape Province
    Brick Maker and Painter
    Waiter and Barman The Fairy Knowle Hotel Wilderness


    Fork Lift Driver South African Railways and Harbours Durban
    Overhead Gantry Painter South African Railways Durban
    Train Guard (Passenger and Goods) South African Railways
    Shunter/Brake Catcher South African Railways Durban Bluff Goods Yard!
    Fireman/Ambulance Asst Durban Fire Dept Durban
    Traction hand and Rail Bonder South African Railways Durban
    Bus Driver Durban Corporation (Single Deckers)
    Paint Mixer Prolux Paints Jacobs Durban
    Lagger and Painter RJ Southey Durban
    Flour Mill Manager Union Flour Mills Umbilo Road Durban
    Night Shift Technician Sugar Mills Durban
    Batch Mixer (Chemicals) Durban Chemical Products (Sea Cow Lake Road)
    Heavy Duty Petrol Truck Driver Shell Company
    Light Bulb Replacement Hand Durban Electricity Corporation
    Telephone Box Coin Collector Durban Post Office


    Tram/Bus Conductor Johannesburg Municipal Tramways (Fordsburg Depot)
    Shop Assistant Fattis and Monis Delicatessen Johannesburg

    Orange Free State South Africa

    Gold Miner Orange Free State S Africa (Harmony and St Helena Gold Mines)

    From Cape Town and then UK

    1st and Tourist Asst/stwd Union Castle Line SA to UK/ Mail and Intermediate runs

    United Kingdom

    Wireless Operator Enlisted initially at RAF Cardington, then Training RAF Bridgnorth/then Compton Basset/ then Innsworth/then awaiting shipment to Aden

    Tube Drawer Halesowen Steel Works,Mucklow Hill Halesowen Birmingham UK

    Bus Conductor Leicester City Bus Corporation 1961
    Pig Slaughterer Abbatoir Birmimgahm
    Brickies Labourer Birmingham Construction UK
    Dining Room waiter Ilfracombe Hotel South Coast UK
    Barman Hagley Court Hotel Hagley Birmingham
    Vacumn Cleaner Salesman Multivac Company Southampton


    Legionaire FFL signing up at the old Fort at Vencennis Paris.


    Storeman and Packer Barere Surgical Company Sydney City Australia
    Storeman GCE Electrical Auburn NSW Australia
    Storeman/Issuer TAFE Colledge Granville NSW
    Storeman Frost Engineering Yennora Australia NSW Australia
    Cutter Ladies Under Garments Berlie Australia
    Storeman/ and Telephone Sales Blackwwods Engineering (Smithfield) NSW Australia
    Ticket Collector Central Station NSW (then promoted to)
    Ticket Examiner Sydney Central Station NSW Australia
    Band Saw Cutter Superior Saws Gipps Rd Smithfield NSW Australia

    I know there are a few more that i have forgotten,but will come to me in time! Memory lapse!
    Life was a sort of Jigsaw puzzle to me never knew exactly what came next!
    Always just played it by Ear!

    Now old and Grey,and wasting my time away! haha!

    Wouldnt change a thing for quids if i had the time all over again!
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    Vernon,i'm embarassed to even try to follow that list but,here goes,
    McCairns motors,Santry Dublin,Trainee Manager.
    New zealand Shipping Co. D.H.U--E.D.H.
    Sutton Service Station,mechanic.
    Kilbarrack Service Station,Mechanic.
    Skillet Sailing School,Kinsale,sailing instructor.
    Delivery crew 52' ketch to Hamble.
    Tug Capt/laborer Walcon Construction,Hamble.
    Irish Shipping Co.E.D.H.
    P.R.Reilly,Dublin. Truck driver
    Interpart,Rugby,Warehouse Manager.
    Roger Springett Racing,F3000 f1 shadow,crew chief.
    M/Y Southern Breeze 170' yacht,Bosun--Chief Officer
    Capt,various yachts,currently 16 years on 58' Hatteras.

    Still working because I've never made enough money not to!!!

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    Well Vernon will try to recall what i can.
    Paper round, worked on pig farm holidays, Left school, worked on pig farm, went to sea, in hospital (Hernia) barman, head barman Theatre restaurant, book salesman, store handyman (4 days) barman, assistant cook Jersey, assistant cook Bournemouth, relief work angency, contract catering management, owned two pubs, one restaurant, came to Oz, food services manager departrment store, assistant store manager Safeway, food services manager University, (longest job ever of 14 years), agency work, maintainance/cleaner/dogs body retirement lodge, retired, volunteer local community centre. Here endeth the story so far.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
    World Traveller

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    Default what did you do

    7 years at sea on deck
    painting bridges over the peace river,alberta
    painter and decorator
    roofer(1 day)
    baby photographer 1 week
    2 years oil rigs in western canada(roughneck,motorman,derrickman)
    selling encyclopedias to american troops in germany
    selling cars to american troops in germany
    car salesman(uk)
    oil rep
    insurance salesman
    Financial adviser and pensions broker(owner)
    gentleman of leisure for past 11 years

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    Default A quick run down

    I had over 35 years experience in the operation, maintenance, and repair of electrical and mechanical installations and equipment in both the public and private sectors.

    1963-1968: Apprentice Electrician, Skinningrove Iron & Steel Works, Carlin How, Saltburn, Cleveland.
    1968-1969: Shift Electrician, Skinningrove Iron & Steel Works, Carlin How, Saltburn, Cleveland.
    1969-1970: Assistant Electrical Officer, P. &. O. Shipping Co. Ltd.
    1970-1971: Travelling overland through Europe and Asia to Austrlia
    1971: Electrical Fitter, Garden Island Naval Dockyard, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia.
    1971-1973: Electrical Officer, Esso Petroleum
    1973-1974: Maintenance Electrician, PSA, RAF Fylingdales.
    1974-1975: Shift Control Engineer, PSA, RAF Staxton Wold.
    1975-1978: First Electrical Officer, Ellerman City Lines
    1978-1981: Electrical Technician, BOC Ltd., Grangetown, Middlesbrough, Cleveland.
    1981-1985: Process Technician, BOC Ltd., Grangetown, Middlesbrough, Cleveland:
    1985-1986: Technical Officer (M&E), PSA, DWO Stockton-on-Tees:
    1986-1988: Maintenance Electrician, North Tees General Hospital, Stockton, Cleveland:
    1988: Field Service Engineer, DMR Electrical Ltd., Bedford:
    1988-1989: Maintenance Engineer, Forrester Foods Ltd., Bedford:
    1989-1991: Technical Officer (M&E), PSA, RAF Henlow, RAF Cardington, RAF Stanbridge
    1991-1994: Assistant EWC (M&E), Sovereign Consultancy Services (formerly PSA), RAFSEE Henlow, RAF Cardington, RAF Stanbridge
    1994-1996: Engineer (M&E), Serco Consultants Ltd., RAF Lossiemouth, RAF Buchan, HNB Faslane, Serco EWC Head Office (Stepps)
    1996-1998: Assistant EWC (M&E), Sovereign Consultancy Services Ltd., RAFSEE Henlow, RAF Cardington, RAF Stanbridge
    1998-2000: Senior Engineer (M&E), Scott Wilson, RAF Cardington
    2000-2001: Senior Engineer (M&E), Scott Wilson, RAF Henlow
    2001-2002: Senior Engineer - DEWC (M&E), Scott Wilson, ATR Bassingbourn
    2002-2003: Agency Work Delivery Driver, General Assistant at a Cash and Carry, Picker at National Distribution Centre for House of Frazer and Mini-bus Driver for Employment Agency
    2003-Present: Self employed now restoring photographs

    I came out of engineering because I was fed up of being sat behibd a desk and legislation and the bureaucracy was just getting too much.

    Just over 4 years to retirement

    A Yorkshireman calls a spade a spade

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    OK YOU asked for it VERN, Here goes. not as glamerous as yours though.
    Past Employments
    Milk Delivery boy age 13
    Newspaper Delivery boy age 13
    Trainee Cooper
    Butchers Boy
    Brewery labourer
    Chipper & Painter, ship yards
    Merchant Navy
    National Service
    Warehouse Labourer
    Labourer in confectionery factory
    Senior Sales in Gents & readymade & bespoke tailors (occasional modeling the clothes at shows)
    Progress Clerk Ferranti Electronics
    Senior Technical Clerk,.. Ditto
    Planner (technical drawing) ..Ditto
    Computer Data computer processing ..Ditto
    Senior Clerical Assistant, Education Department Local government.
    Administration Officer Ditto
    Finance officer Ditto, Water Board
    Billing Manager Ditto.. Retired
    Incidental stuff..
    Bingo caller part time
    Extra in a movie
    Vocalist in a band
    Steward in Beat Club (60s)
    Non Paid Stuff
    Shop Steward, Union Recruitment Officer, Local Community Leader,
    Social Convener (Social Club) Secretary (Bowling Club)
    Now a senior Rum and Indian Curry taster
    Unions member of in the past.. MSU (MN), Secretary of NUof MW, NALGO (Unison)
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    ref post #1

    No way I can match you Vern,
    as far as I can rember
    "Nicked" 1960 for hopping school, sent to a kids home under a "Fit persons order" Sidcup SE London
    '61 to '63 "T.S.Indefatigable" pre sea training, Angelsey N Wales.
    '63 to '72 Merchant Navy ( 2nd BEST TIME OF MY LIFE)
    '72 to '80 Painter & Glazier, married and divorced.
    '80 to 2006 hospital porter to telephone manager (they trained you well if you had the aptitude) met my Wife a Ward Sister and never looked back (BEST TIME OF MY LIFE), now retired early at 59. Not bad for a "Toe rag" as I was called as a sprog.
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    REF POST #1

    Crikey Vernon, What did you do in your spare time?????????????? Compared to yours mine is a doddle:
    Paper boy aged 13
    Apprentice Fitter and Turner Doxfords 1956/61
    Marine Engineer 6th to Junior 2nd 1961/1968
    MOD Birtley, Mechanic Examiner/Draughtsman/Ass. Foreman/Production Foreman 1968/78.
    Shell Expro Aberdeen, Head of Maintenance Info Systems/Senior Maintenance Engineer 1978/94
    AMEC Aberdeen, Senior Maintenance Engineer/Project manager 1994/99
    Mini Stroke then Mini Heart attack, beat a hasty retreat and retired!

    Russ K
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    Default Jobs

    Here Goes
    Paper Boy, Butchers Boy.
    Left School
    Trainee Electronic Eng., (lasted 3 months)
    Carpet cleaner and Dyer in Dye works( 9 months)
    Vindi ( Thank God)
    Hudson Firth
    Braemar Castle
    Esso Stockholm
    Esso Canterbury
    Drackengerg Castle
    Post Office
    Storeman Furniture Factory
    Putter of money into ATM
    Technical officer local council
    Mon,Weds,Fri Gym for workout
    Tues,Thurs, Swimming and then teaching swimming evening at local club.
    Line painter for local football team
    Gym, Swim and Football all unpaid but great to be wanted. Mike

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    I had one repercussion from some of my early life. Second steward said to me one day re-signing on,' see you worked part time on a pig farm, have just the post for you, officers steward'. He was the same one who tried to ration dry tea to two cups per blood per day. Now I know why we called it the Union Cattle Line.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
    World Traveller

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