The world as we know continues on the path of madness, all the way to hell in a hand basket.

In Sydney there is a plan to build a number of 'satellite' cities.
These would be in the region of about a six kilometer radius and within all you need.
Work, schools, shopping centers, cinemas and restaurants.
The concept is that with such there will be no need for you to travel far, no need for a disastrous motor car!!!!!

Is this a concept for the good of the people, or a way in which the gov has total control on all you do?

Here in Melbourne one council is proposing that if you do not have Solar panels on your roof you will pay an additional $200 in council rates each year.
Thankfully this will not happen as the feral gov has said increase in rates to be no more than 2.5% this year.

Then I read on the net a bit about Oxford in UK.

This may be where Sydney got the idea.

Oxford is not a very big town according to the report, has a very good public transport system and is almost self contained.
According to the report if you wish to leave Oxford by private vehicle you must pay a levy!!!!!

I ask, is this correct, any one know??