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Thread: Chasing windmills

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    Default Chasing windmills

    The world it appears is on a mad mission to set renewable energy in place every where.
    The concept of clean energy is fine with me, it is only the next stage in man's development and eventual demise.

    So much talk about the dreaded carbon from polis and others, forgetting that most of the planet is made of carbon on one form or another.
    A well organised move forward is fine, but many appear to be racing headlong into it with little thought about the unexpected consequences.

    Farmers here in Oz who allow wind turbines on their land are paid rent, at a very good rate according to some framers.
    Each turbine requires about 1 acre of space to work correctly and no trees in the vacinity.

    The question has now been asked.

    Are we putting food supply in jeopardy, will farmers find it easier to make a living allowing wind turbines on their land rather than framing?
    It is a question that must be asked and polices developed to ensure food supply is constant.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
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    Default Re: Chasing windmills

    John in Os. Are we going backwards. In the UK for centuries there were windmills and water-wheels all over the land providing mechanical power for various industries. The one problem was they depended on the elements, so continuous production was not guaranteed. The advent of the steam engine changed everything, greater production, more food was available and the population expanded at a great rate.
    If the "GREENS" are to get their way the population would have to decrease at a great rate to keep the balance!

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