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Thread: It's an age thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Des Taff Jenkins View Post
    A few years ago I watched a program from the UK that showed some older actors who had lost their dexterity, they were given lessons on how to put on their socks while sitting down, and even moving around a kitchen using chairs as an aid. I was a bit stunned as these people were only in their sixties. I can stand on one leg and put on my socks and shoes, then get dressed in the normal way. My wife says it is because i was always doing something, I never stopped, gardening, making things, walking etc. Now that my wife has trouble with her legs I do everything around the house except the washing. Though I do confess I have given away the lawn cutting, I pay a mate to do it.
    Hi Des, I will make 88 this year and find myself in the same boat as yourself except I still mow my two postage stamp size lawns out front. have to convert those to artificial turf due to local drought conditions.
    my Boss does the laundry and most cooking, but I do shopping and clean up. I put it down to just having great luck with genes and 20 years as a Dry Cargo Marine Surveyor in my 40,s to 60’s, up and down ships cargo hold ladders on a daily basis for keeping me going now. Recently fell apart internally but fixed up and on the go again.
    Tough to see younger shipmates “Crossing The Bar” so to speak … almost feel guilty to still be here, not fair really.
    Keith Adams

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    Default Re: It's an age thing

    Having worked in aged care for some 6.5 years and oi was a volunteer with the local community health center I can tell you age has nothing to do with it.
    I have seen men as young as 35 die from the effects of dementia.
    A man of 25 who had such a bad stroke he is chair bound and can hardly speak.

    Then we have an old shearer of 85 who still gets around like a 60 year old.

    A man of 52 who has been in a wheel chair since the age of 8, from aquired brain in jury, knocked off his bike by a drunken motorist.

    So as to age, just a number nothing more.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
    World Traveller

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