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    I am having this Weekend to rest as its been a trying Week for me with all that has been happening on site!

    On Monday I will be back in full strength and will be Editing many Threads ,some Threads may even be Totally deleted,so don't ask why!

    As Mike has stated (and I do know ) I as Senior Moderator can and will Edit where it is necessary No Questions Asked!

    There are a few (very few) on site that think that they can just do and say as they want,but believe me when I say this is now coming to an end.

    There has been quite enough name calling,Bickering etc on this site,and I am determined to wash it all clean,and have Harmony here! This site is for your enjoyment given to you by the site Owner (Brian) and should therefore be adhered to,it is I think a privilege to be able to Join such a great site.

    So as before I am not pointing a Finger in the Open at any one person,but the few know who they are. You are treading on very shallow ground!

    Thank You

    And once again please Read This as well!

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