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Article: A sailing ships voyage

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    A sailing ships voyage

    8 Comments by John Arton Published on 26th September 2017 04:45 PM
    I have finished transcribing the diary of the young lady who sailed from Swansea to San Francisco and back to Queenstown in 1878 on board her father sailing ship. Its very boring really, very little about the day to day workings on board. It finishes just before the Cape Horn homeward bound as the pages are missing. No info. on the cargo but a fair bit on the number of sea birds caught for food. 177 days Swansea to Frisco.
    This is the transcript of a 16 year old girls diary when she sailed with her father on his sailing vessel from the U.K. To Frisco and back in 1897. She was one of five daughters born to a Joseph Jardalla, Master Mariner and ship owner? from Aberdeen and in 1901 they were living in Litherland Road, Bootle with Linacre and in 1911 were in Adelaide Road, Seaforth, Liverpool.
    The diary came into my possession as when, as a 4 year old, we moved to a house in Ings, Westmoreland. Nearby was an abandoned water driven bobin mill. The waterwheel that drove the wood turning equipment inside the mill, along with all the machinery was still in place and in one of the mill cottages lived three of the sisters, only one of whom had ever married. In later years as the sisters died this one last sister actually came to live with us until her death and my mother was tasked with disposing of her effect, amongst which was this diary. Some of the words used are very non P.C. But I have typed them as she has written them. There are also a number of letters she wrote home whilst she and one of her other sisters did a grand tour of Europe.
    10th May 1897
    Came to Swansea. Went out to purchase the cloths for the voyage. Went out again after dinner. Went out to tea, came back at 10 p.m.
    16th May 1897
    Effies birthday, wrote to Agnes. Went to church, climbed Kilway? Hill
    17th May 1897
    Went shopping till twelve, spent the evening playing on the piano.
    18th May 1897
    Went through the town and visited the Shipping Offices and Federation Society. Had dinner, went through the principal streets. Had Mr. Milne on board till 10 p.m.
    19th May 1897
    Went ashore before dinner, shopping. Practiced piano and shorthand.
    20th May 1897
    “Candor” sailed for Frisco. Read and practiced for a short time. Went on deck and read. Very Fine day. Carpenter making me a wardrobe in my room. Felt lonely and squeamish
    21st May 1897
    22nd May 1897
    Sick. Aunt Mary died.
    23rd May 1897
    24th-25th May 1897
    26th May 1897
    Crochet some of the cheesecloth and read shorthand testament with fathers help.
    27 May 1897
    Finished the cheese cloth, put the fringe on and washed it. Tidied out fathers desk and drawers Found a bottle of scent or rather water which some sly body had put in for a lark. Tried a small piece of the bed quilt.
    28th May 1897
    Commenced the bed quilt , did half one square. Read and tho shorthand testament could make it out very well. Watched the sailors dancing, darkie especially well with the shoes. Watched the apprentices and raising their hands. A hard job.
    29 May 1897
    Saw and sailed around Madeira Island. Finished one square of quilt. Just getting into warm weather practiced.
    30 May 1897
    No work. Spoke to the “Glengarry” of Dundee. From London to Cape Colony, 11 days out.
    31 May 1897
    Saw part of the Canary Islands, crochet quilt, machined Fathers serviettes Bound the bodice of my grey bodice and bound my ripply bodice. Went on deck not much since Tuesday.
    1st June 1897
    Practiced shorthand, only 3 mistakes. Bound my green bodice. Father and I made piano cover, Practiced Piano, Prom on deck.
    2nd June 1897
    Had salt water bath. Crochet piece of quilt. Wrote and read shorthand.
    3rd June 1897
    Cut out black alpaca pattern from new blue shirt, practiced Violin. Read shorthand. Weather warmer and sea dead calm.
    4th June 1897
    Shorthand, sewed, washed blouses and knickers. Had a bath at night. Cut out paper patterns for my new shirt. The weather is very warm we are fairly in the tropics.
    5th June 1897
    Shorthand etc. Cut out my black shirt and tacked it together. Weather calm and sultry.
    6th June 1897
    Put on my grey dress for a change and promenaded the deck, very warm.
    7th June 1897
    Bank holiday. Was sick in the afternoon, did shorthand. Had a walk on deck and watched the Officers experiencing on the rigging. I think she rolled (the ship I mean) a good deal though father said not. Quite calm at night.
    8th June 1897
    Sewed my shirt together. Read and wrote shorthand. Crochet Quilt practiced Piano, sultry weather.
    9th June 1897
    Nice breeze blowing. I have been listening to the sailors singing. We have some very good singers. We have a concertina on board playing “ Way down upon the Swanee River”.
    10th June 1897
    Crochet quilt and sewed hem of my dress. Calm. Shorthand practice.
    11th June1897
    Finished my black skirt and it does look nice. Practiced piano and violin. Lovely day until 8 p.m. When we had a slight squall and rain.
    12th June 1897
    Commenced another square of my bed quilt. Lovely day until afternoon then more rain.
    13th June 1897
    Sunday was a lovely day, we listened to the sailors singing and playing sacred songs.
    14th June 1987
    Caught a very small shark. Great Fun. Mac and the rest of the Officers off duty tried to catch another one but which poddurs said he had seen. Mr. Galloway said it must have been the ghost of the other one as we could not see any more for some time . Crocheted and washed.
    15th June 1987
    Rainy morning. Saw no more sharks, cut out red blouse. It is not quite so a nice day a lot of rolling. 2 miles the right way in 24 hours. We will soon be crossing the Equator so we will have a gay time I hope. I would like to hear how you all are.
    16th June 1897
    Washed and stuffed a piano stool. I have a grand piano stool and music stand. We have some fine times you bet. Concertina playing every night. Steward, Father and one of the A.B.'s.
    17th June 1897
    I dont know how to fill in this log book. It takes such a lot. I have washed my silk dress and have almost sewn on all the trimmings. I have finished my dress and have it on.
    18th June1897
    Not such quite calm weather and as we have had. Even yet I feel a bit squeamish if she rolls. I have done two squares of my quilt and found the cotton not all the same size and not enough.
    19th June 1789
    Crossed the Equator. Neptune and his wife came on board and such dressing up. We had a concert in the morning and Father, Mr. Wright, Mr Galloway, Mac and myself got three cheers. I have laughed today until my sides ache I do hope you will be able to get just to see some of the fun. 3 cheers for Queen Victoria it being 60 years reign.
    20th June 1897
    No work it being the sabbath. Heavy swell, I felt queer.
    21st June 1897
    Not quite so great a swell, crochet and sewed. Carpenter made me a nice machine cover. Practiced piano, singing and violin. This book takes more writing than I can give it.
    22nd-25th June 1897
    26th June 1897
    Fine weather till 4 p.m. Then heavy squall and rain. Sewed and crochet.
    27th June 1897
    Page missing
    28th June 1897
    Very squally, thunderspout and lightening. Crochet and little odd jobs.
    Practiced Bosun lent me 5 song folios.
    29th June 1897
    Fine weather till afternoon then light squall. Fishing for Cape Pigeons. I caught one with a fish hook but when I got it up I was frightened and bosun could not leave the wheel to take it off the hook so the little stowaway took it on deck and by that time the officers were on the poop. You should have seen the bosun trying to take out the hook and steer too. You would have enjoyed it I know.
    30th June 1897
    Fine weather all day, sewed and crochet. Practiced shorthand and piano. How time flies, 6 weeks since we sailed.
    1st July 1897
    I'll soon be 18, how sorry I am. Never mind we are all growing older every day, some growing uglier, some growing grey. Did crochet. Heavy thunderstorm and lightening. Practiced piano and violin.
    2nd July 1897
    Fine weather this week has been day about Fine and not fine. Crochet and odd jobs. Getting along with quilt. Shorthand and piano practice. I am getting on grand I think with my shorthand.
    3rd July 1897
    Squally and dirty looking weather. Employed time crochet and shorthand. Caught a cape pigeon but did not like to kill it so let it go.
    4th July 1897
    Changeable, heavy rain. Read books.
    5th July 1897
    Nice breezy day. Binding and gluing up old books. Turned out fathers bookcase. Commenced to sew the gauntlets of my jacket. Practised Piano and violin. Commenced the study of the Bible from Genesis and found it very interesting.
    6th July 1897
    Nice drizzley day. Sewed my jacket and lined the pockets. Practiced piano and sung a lot of Scotch songs for which I received real praise from Father. Very cold wind, learnt to play “Tullochgoron”
    7th July 1897
    Very cold, wind and rain. Nearly finished my jacket and sewed brass buttons on my commodore cap. Covered a tobacco bole and made a middle vase. Crochet and learned poetry. Retired at 10 p.m.
    8th July 1897
    I am 17 today. I don't feel a bit older. I am looking very fat . We have sailed 7 weeks today and twice as much to sail again. Finished my jacket and father has sewed the buttonholes round with kid, they look very nice. I have today been wondering how often my name has been uttered at Seaforth.

    9th July 1897
    Not quite such fine weather. I have been practising and trying to catch Albatross but not successful. I am crocheting and lace pattern and quilt. I am getting used to light squalls. I shall be able to go to grandma's and be the best sailor on board.
    10th July 1897
    Fine and breezy. Caught no fish but just a cape pigeon which I let go again. Crochet, practiced shorthand and piano.
    11th July 1897
    Rather cold., read and promenaded the poop.
    12th July 1897
    Crochet lace for tray cloth and quilt. Practiced shorthand and piano. I never laughed so much as I did today at the story father told me about the old man “Sanctifying the motion” instead of “Sanctioning the motion”.
    13th July 1897
    Cold and raw. Commenced a tam o shanter for father. Worked at it all day, then practiced till 8 p.m. Heavy seas, saw some very pretty grey pigeons.
    14th July 1897
    Finished lamis. Father lined it and then were at it next day. Thought himself such a toff. Warmer weather, calm sea. Hardly gone any distance since noon yesterday.
    15th July 1897
    Bean soup for dinner, my favourite dish. Porridge for breakfast. We are getting nearer the Horn by degrees. Crochet and practice but Father says we will get there SOMETIME.
    16th July 1897
    Crochet and practiced piano. I did not crochet the piano. I am quite proud of my writing. Cold and breezy looking day, all sail set.
    17th July 1897
    Very heavy sea. Someone left the door open that leads on deck and the sea came in and washed the officers rooms and dining room. Filled there bunk and they only the day before had had thin oil cloth put down. I actually felt sorry for them.
    18th July 1897
    Very cold but nice sunshine as well. No work. Deck covered with cloths drying after the very nice wash.
    19th July 1897
    Father commenced my trousers, I helped of course. Crocheted, saw no birds but just Cape Pigeons. They are very pretty. Sighted Falkland Island. Saw two or three Alaska seals but they did not come near enough to let us harpoon one of them.
    20th July 1897
    Father still sewing knickers. I mean to have them on Sunday. They are siege pink. I sewed and crochet. Cold weather rough sea.
    21st July 1897
    Many squalls, practiced piano. Read shorthand and wrote it. Crocheted, washed and sewed.
    22nd July 1897
    Am still busy with crochet for tray cloth. Practiced, very cold wind. About 300 hundred miles off the Horn. Carpenter has made me a pair of lasts for my brown boots. They look nicer on the last than on the foot.
    23rd July 1897
    Sighted a steamer. Had toast for tea and of course cleared the plate. Father told steward I had taken it all in for supper. I think it is nice that the greengrocer said that “ You had let me go the voyage because you could not manage me”.
    24th July 1897
    Fresh breeze, Waves very high. I felt a bit queer but soon grew alright again. Father finished my bloomers and I got him to sew the button holes. Of course he sewed them so you could see the stiches.
    25th July 1897
    Fine day, calm sea. Put on bloomers. Papa calls me Miss Bloomers or Miss Knickers.
    26th July 1897
    Fine weather, calm seas. Was on deck in the morning. Crochet and practiced and cut tray cloths. Washed my tan boots and cleaned them. Am getting so fat that I can hardly get into my cloths and brown as a berry.
    27th uly 1897
    Caught an albatross. Fine weather, rather calm to put us along. Great excitement on board the “Cawdor”. The Officers hearing the patter of the Albatross feet thought there was a mutiny on board and rushed on the poop in their short sleeves.
    28th July 1987
    Cold bleak day, smooth sea. Rain in the morning. Still crocheting lace. Read for about an hour at shorthand then went on deck till almost tea time. The sun sets at 4 p.m. And there is no twilight, just dark at once.
    29th July 1897
    Fine day not too cold. Sighted Staten Island , saw two ships. Mountains covered with snow, was on deck nearly all day spying the land. Saw some flying ducks. Saw schools of porpoises The Officers tried to catch them but were not successful.
    30th July 1897
    Very cold East wind. Rain till noon. Was on deck in the afternoon but came down perished. Practiced piano and crochet lace. Hemmed tray cloth. Had a great fun with Nell

    31st July 1897
    Not so cold. Smooth sea. Sun shining very bright. Am going on deck. Finished tray cloth
    1st August 1897
    Fine breeze, saw a homeward bound ship Got around Staten Island.
    2nd August 1897
    Rain till dinner time. Smooth sea and fair wind. Washed and ironed tray cloth. Practiced Piano. Read shorthand. Commenced lace for another tray cloth.
    3rd August 1897
    Very cold, southerly wind till 2 p.m. Then fair wind. Sea a little rough. Crocheted quilt. Worked arithmetic. Made an apron and washed. Carpenter finished one work box.
    4th August 1897
    Very heavy sea. Sleet at intervals. Sewed some of the quilt together. Very windy towards night. Cabin floor strewed with papers etc.. Rolled off the table and lockers with the lurching. Father and I have been laughing as though we were not all there at not being able to walk. Crocheted square of quilt.
    5th August 1897
    Very windy, no sail on. Hail and rain all day. Met a four masted homeward bounder. Was on deck at noon but soon found myself down again. Cannot practice because sailors are superstitious . Steward caught a very pretty Cape Pigeon. Stuffed it and showed me.
    6th August 1897
    Still very windy and bitterly cold. Crocheting . It is beginning to get a bit monotonous not being able to go on deck.
    7th August 1897
    Still very windy and we are at the most trying part of our journey. A great many pigeons flying about but no Albatross. Crochet. Fair wind from noon. Till daybreak on Sunday.
    8th August 1897
    Sighted a ship going the same way at 6 a.m. Little work this being the Sabbath.

    9th August 1897
    Sleet most of last night. Very cold and ship labouring heavily. I'm reading one of Clark Russils books called “The Tale of the sea”. A salt water romance , plenty of humour in it.
    10th August 1897
    Fair wind. Heavy southwest swell. Ship lurching heavily. Crochet nearly all day. Practiced shorthand. Reading a tale in Cassel's magazine called “Pardened”. We have got half way round the Horn.
    11th August 1897
    Very heavy gale from the southwest. Rain, sleet and ships deck filled with water. Very high seas. Crochet and worked shorthand.
    12th August 1897
    12 weeks out today. Very cold, fair wind till noon then broke off. Steward caught a Cape Pigeon and stuffed it. We are nearly 3 months on our way. If we don't get much better weather I don't think we will make a sharp passage.
    13th August 1897
    Not been on deck since Sunday. Employed time making pin cushions covered with pale green silk. Fathers made a cord to go around them of pink art muslin. Practiced the violin and piano. Crack hand at piano. Crotched bed quilt and several necessary jobs.
    14th August 1897
    Weather calm, ship rolling heavily. I washed in the morning and practiced violin. Steward has been fishing but caught nothing. The pigeons are very cute, thy take the meat but not the hook to catch them with.
    15th August 1897
    Fine day, foul wind. In company with a barque I think the “Kilmeny” Fair wind at 7 p.m. Till 10 p.m.
    16th August 1897
    Heavy squalls all day. Ship lurching heavily. Taking a quantity of water on board. Oil bags in constant use. Could not get anything done but shorthand.
    17th August 1897
    Still heavy squalls. Not able to go on deck. Sighted Barque on same tack.
    18th August 1897
    Still squally, been driven back since Monday and still going backwards. Carrying no sail but spanker. Phosphorous squall at midnight. Top mast heads lit for about 10 minutes. Several of the crew very frightened but the darkie nearly turned white exclaiming Jacky Lantern busted.
    19th August 1897
    Still squally, high seas, oil bags in constant use. Darkie nearly better. Decks filled with water ship rolling heavily.
    20th August 1897
    Squally, Gone back 130 miles since Monday. No signs of better weather up till noon. Glass falling quickly. Fair wind at 2 p.m. Going 2 knots per hour. I am quite a sailor.
    21st August 1897
    Fair wind, 2 to 3 knots. Breeze freshened about 5 p.m. So that we can carry sail. Ship not rolling so much. I cannot qrite too well because the motion jerks too much.
    22nd August 1897
    Foggy but still fair wind. Going 7 knots.
    23rd August 1897
    Fair wind, going 7 knots per hour. Sighted a barque, I think it is the same one we have seen during the week. Snowing all day and very cold. The after cabin is just as dusty as it can be. Father and I like sweeps.
    24th August 1897
    Fine but very cold, no wind. Father is asleep so I have to refill his pipes before he awakens. We have not made up the distance we have lost yet. Father thinks we shall have a long passage.
    25th August 1897
    Windy day but not in our favour. We have been going back all day today. This and next month are the two worst months of the year at this part of the globe. I wonder how they all are at home. I hope we will have a letter from them in two months with good news of success in all studies.
    26th August 1897
    Very windy no sail set till noon then spanker was set. About a quarter to four we had some very heavy squalls. The spanker was carried awat as though it had been cut with a knife. We have been nearly choked with smoke sulphur from the fire. We are eating sugar with a drop of peppermint and ginger.
    27th August 1897
    Very cold, rough sea, no sail set. If the wind had not been so strong we might have gone some little way. Carpenter gave me a work box. Commenced to heel a pair of stockings for myself. Cannot do any clean work in this weather so I have just to knit, knit, knit.
    28th August 1897
    Calm, heavy sea. Ship lurching heavily. Have not practised for a week. The Chief Officer has lent me a Ally Slopers to read during the weather. Finished one stocking and commenced the other.
    29th August 1897
    Still bad weather. Four weeks to day since we rounded S. Island. We have done one days good sailing since then.
    30th August 1897
    Rough seas. Sailors have got Cape Horn fever. I have been knitting all day and nearly finished the stocking. Steward has caught another pigeon and asked father for the top of his pipe cleaner for an eye for the pigeon when he had it stuffed. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was to top of my hat pins. “Pipe cleaners indeed”!!!
    31st August 1897
    Steward has caught another pigeon today. Fine day but foul wind. One of the crew has had a fit. I was very frightened when the Mate and sailors brought him into the Saloon. I have finished my stockings and have begun the crochet for the other tray cloth.
    1st September 1897
    We have had some very bad weather and some heavy squalls. The cabin is slightly cleaner than it has been for some weeks but I question what mother would think of it if she saw it. I have been crocheting and various odd jobs. Four months since the Inchcape Rock left Swansea.
    2nd September 1897
    Not much difference in the weather. Father has been letting me hear some Scotch songs. I have been practicing “Johnnie Cope” and several Scotch airs. Papa is going to teach me to dance as soon as we get into fine weather and we are not “Locked in the cradle of deep” but are sailing smoothly.
    3rd September 1897
    Overcast and continual drizzle. I have been at shorthand and crocheting nearly all day. The Mate has lent me some “Ally Slopers”. Father says this is one of the longest voyages he has had since he was an apprentice.
    4th September 1897
    Very cold and dull all day. I am going to see if I can finish my crotchet by the middle of next week and get the doylies commenced if there is any prospect of fine weather that I can keep them clean.
    5th September 1897
    Fine day, we have not had a dirty Sunday since we left Swansea.
    6th September 1897
    Weather frosty. Crocheted and did several necessary jobs. Father has been on deck but I am going to wait until Sunday as by that time I hope we will have better weather
    7th September 1897
    Written on Sat. 11th Sept 1897
    Weather still cold. I do not remember all that has passed since today because I have not been able to write because of the rolling. The sailors have been singing and pulling all day. They have some very jolly songs. The seaman? That had the fit is still ill and not quite right. The steward says he has been all the same.
    8th September 1897
    Weather cold and sharp frost. The Mate has lent me some answers “Fit bit anecdotes” and “Pearson's Weekly”. I have nearly finished my crochet. Practiced piano and shorthand.
    9th September 1897
    Fine day, fresh breeze. Going 6 knots till midnight then 7, 7 1/2. Practiced piano and tried to take down some notes in shorthand. Father read at the rate of 200 words a minute so I had to “give it up old girl”.
    10th September 1897
    Fine day, fair wind. Will soon be in warmer weather at this rate. Finished crocheting. Father has been playing the concertina and piano. I have been reading. Carpenter has finished workbox for everyone and says he must do something for .
    11th September 1897
    Fair wind. The day has been a good day warmer and we shall soon have the fire out. Finished the lace for tray cloth. Have seen no more birds. Expect to catch a few in a day or two. 6 knots.

    12th September 1897
    Beautiful day, went on deck and found the weather warmer than I fancied. 6 knots.
    13th September 1897
    Breezy day, all sail set. Was on deck for a short time. Saw two Molly Hawk, they are very pretty. Steward is washing the paintwork in fathers cabin. Employed time getting rooms ready for steward. 7 knots
    14th September 1897
    Fair wind. Will round the Cape so “now we shan't be long”. Was on deck in the morning and watched Philp fishing for the two Molly Hawks but he was not successful. Hitch said he pulled the line too hard and that their necks would be like Giraffes before he finished. Commenced lace on doily and finished one. 8 knots.
    15th September 1897
    Fine day, fair wind, much warmer. Commenced second doily and cut window curtains. Father made me a match rack. Steward is scrubbing paint work. Practiced shorthand and feather stitching. Fire out and we are back into Fathers room. 7 knots
    16th September 1897
    Fine fair wind, calm sea. Doing 5 ½ knots. Sewed window curtains and crochet Doily. Practiced piano and shorthand. Steward still cleaning cabins. Carpenter made me a pair of dumbbell's Father is going to paint my room green and give me a candle lamp.
    17th September 1897
    Calm, fair wind. About 5 knots per hour. Steward caught about 8 Molly Hawkes. I was fishing all morning but could not catch a pretty bird that I wanted so gave it up. Went to bed early because I had a sore throat.
    18th September 1897
    Dirty weather, rough sea. Ship lurching heavily and taking on board a lot of water. Finished curtains and let down the hem of my grey dress. Wallis the A.B. Still unwell, had another fit.
    19th September 1897
    Wallis a lot better. Fine day, warmer weather. Have been on deck all day. Saw one Molly Hawk.
    20th September1897
    Caught no birds. Crocheted and sewed. Weather so so. Drizzle and fog but better on the whole.

    21st September 1897
    Fine day, calm. No sea. Fished but caught nothing. Crochet and cut out under liner. Dusted, practiced and performed various necessary jobs.
    22nd September 1897
    Fine warm day. I caught an albatross I got bonus to pull it in for me. Washed and sewed. Practiced, used the machine for the first time after successfully getting round the Horn.
    23rd September 1897
    Drizzle and fog but getting warmer every day. Will soon be in the South East trades. Sighted a vessel some distance off. Hope to beat the William Fell. Employed time at various odd jobs.
    24th Sep 1897
    Fine day, moderate breeze, 6 knots per hour. Got two new deck chairs made of Elm. Father carved my name on my dumbells and filled it with sealing wax. Steward stuffed Albatross.
    25th September 1897
    Fine day but rather colder. Fishing for Albatross but were going too fast to catch any. Sewed, crochet and practised. Washed piano cover and blouse.
    26th September 1897
    Fine day, fair wind but not much of it. Mate fishing for Albatross (Albatross) none came.
    27th September 1897
    Warm day, fishing in the afternoon for an Albatross. Had fair short. Caught a beautiful white one, Steward pulling it in and Philips running along the poop deck with the line pulling as hard as he could but the bird got off with the hooks. Steward caught one in the dog watch and succeeded in getting it on board.
    28th September 1897
    Fine, fair breeze, 6 knots. Saw a few Albatross . Steward caught one and I laughed till I was sore. He had it nearly drowned before he got it in a nice brown one. Because I was busy sewing etc. Carpenter polished my dumbbell's black knobs and polished between.
    29th September1897
    Fine and warm, fair breeze. Saw very few birds. Saw some mother caree chickens (Sailors ghosts)
    Heard the crew playing the accordion in the dog watch. Polished piano and fathers room, sewed etc.
    30th September 1897
    Fine day, warm, moderate breeze. Got the south east trades. Getting into warmer climate for them. Expect to catch a shark soon and then we will have some fun. Expect to reach Frisco in about 7 or 8 weeks. Employed at various jobs.
    1st October 1897
    Soon to be Molly's birthday. Fine day, moderate breeze, saw no birds. Crochet and Sewed. Mr. Wright got the albatross that steward had caught but had not time to cure it so he put it overboard. Steward cleaning fore cabin.
    2nd October 1897
    Fine morning, rain squalls at interval's. Talked for half an hour to 2nd Mate He was telling me about the big ship Wilhelew Fell. I sewed and crochet. No piano.
    3rd October 1897
    Lovely day, no work. Mr. Galloway lent me j. Halifort Gentleman. Put on blue skirt.
    4th October 1897
    Fine day, very warm. Nearly in the Tropics. Mac saw a large shark but it did not seen to see us so we did not try to catch it. Very nice trade winds. Mr. Galloway gives us 40 days, Mac 60, Steward 2 months., father and carpenter 4 Sundays to get to Frisco.
    5th October 1897
    Fine day, began baths. Was on deck at 6.30 a.m. Crochet, cut out underline, practiced shorthand and piano. Heard no music, melodeon broken, Papas concertina also. Dead calm.
    6th October 1897
    Fine day, moderate breeze, no sea. Fine tunes in the dog watch. Heard 1st Officer playing melodeon but it would not be much good so he gave it up. Employed time at necessary jobs.
    7th October 1897
    Fine weather, getting warmer every day. Will soon be north of the South. Caught nothing at all. Soon be Mollys birthday. Crochet sewed and employed at various necessary jobs.
    8th October 1897
    Fine, warm, clear weather. Expect to be about 6 weeks more on the way to Frisco. Father has been very busy cutting sails and getting paint work cleaned. Capstan removed from focsle.
    9th October 1897
    Fine day, warmer. Crochet all day. Crew have half day holiday every Saturday and quite a lively time at night. Was on deck till 1 bell, 8.30 p.m.
    10th october 1897
    Clear weather, all sail set. Read Scottish Chips.
    11th october1987
    On deck at 6:30 and have been some days. Sewed blouse and prepared my room for steward to clean. ****** Sail parted. On deck till 8, quite dark. Washed my head and retired at 4 bells, 10 o clock.
    12th october 1897
    Late up this morning, I suppose sleepy after washing my head. Washed all my soiled linen. Long threads but 1 blue skirt , such a bother. Had fish for tea. Al*** caught at dinner time, delicious, like Mackerel.
    13th October 1897
    Molly's birthday. Many happy returns of the happy day. Soon to be Miss Nabs. I wont forget them when we arrive at He**ms Re*n, Frisco. We are 6 hours different to you.
    14th october 1897
    Fine weather, getting very warm. I am sleeping in the after cabin. My room is being painted grey. I have almost finished 5 doilies. I hope they will please, had more fish for tea.
    15th october1897
    Fine day but weather warmer, moderate breeze. Every one on board has got a bet on for the time we arrive. I have bet that we shall see no ships until after twelve tomorrow. The amount is one dollar. Have had the bet on for a week. Washed silk dress.
    16th October 1897
    Lost my bet, saw a homeward bounder at 11:30 p.m. Fine day, fine fair breeze, going 7 knots. I am getting quite nautical. Finished doily No. 5 . Had a half holiday and had great fun watching the crew play leap frog etc.
    17th October 1897
    Fine day, not so warm. Saw schools of flying fish Caught some bonitos.
    18th October 1897
    Fine day getting very warm. I think we shan't be long till we get into the doldrums. Crossed the line on Saturday. The Mate and 2nd and 3rd have a bet. The former gives us 30 days from the line, the others less. Have been expecting to see a shark, Mac caught two albacore for tea
    19th October 1897
    Fine day, rather warm, had rain at intervals but still we are getting along. Have almost finished two pairs of knickers since yesterday. I am getting on grand with my shorthand, nearly everyone on board has some knowledge of it. Steward got a linnet on deck.
    20th October 1897
    Very warm and rain nearly all day. The cabins are like ovens. Can't stay below or else I feel seasick. Was on deck till 7:30. Father not very well. Mate got rust in his eye. I'm always the best of the lot, nothing ever the matter with me. Father put up pictures and photos in my room. Linnet died.
    21st October 1897
    Still very warm, lot of rain. Hoping to get the North East Trades. We are a quarter of the way from the line. Commenced another doily, hope to have half a dozen to send to you by Christmas. Father rather better, Mate almost well. One man jammed his thumb in accommodation ladder and almost took the top off.
    22nd October 1897
    Rain squalls at intervals, far too warm. Practiced shorthand. Work commences at 7 or Half past 6 for me. The accordion is cracked and the players none of the best so we have to listen to a kind of cats concert every night. A very unmusical crew from Captain down.
    23rd October1897
    Fine day, still squally but it would not be so bad if it were not so warm. The heat is fearful when it is raining. To warm to practice piano and it is slop night, nice times for me.
    24th October1897
    Lovely day but looked like rain till noon. Not so warm, got North East trades, 8 ½ knots. Had a try at shooting. Shot a boobie but did not hurt it as it flew away.
    25th October1897
    Nice and cool, fine day. Was below till last dog watch from 6 till 8. Father cracking jokes Mate , A.B. Hitch at the wheel, we call him “grandfather Hitch”, caught no fish, crocheted all day.
    26th October1897
    Fine day but foul wind. Mr. Galloway tells me we are half way from the line. 2nd Mate saw a sword fish. Tidied fathers room and crocheted, finished doily and started another. Getting rather tired of them, 3 of each pattern I am doing.
    27th October1897
    Fine day, nice and cool. Did not do shorthand today. Have new laid eggs for breakfast every morning. Practiced piano 1 ½ hours last dog watch. 2nd and 3rd Officers trying to catch a dolphin but not successful. They are very fine eating I believe . Very swift swimmers and when they are caught they are said to turn all colours of the rainbow.
    28th October 1897
    Fine day. We have given up all hope (or almost done so) of arriving in 25 days from the Equator. Finished mothers half dozen doilies and two tray clothes. Found crochet cotton I brought but not the needle. Have had no eggs for breakfast.
    29th October 1897
    Getting colder every day. Expect to arrive in about 10 days. Crochet piece of border for bed quilt. Time seems long because we are all thinking “we shan't be long”. Was on deck till 8 bells, 8 p.m.
    30th October 1897
    Fine day but rather chilly. Sewed brush and comb bag. Had a half holiday. Father and I bet half a dollar when the “CAWDOR” will arrive. Papa says Sunday week, I say no. 2nd Mate thinks I will win.
    31st October1897
    Fine day, rather warmer than yesterday. Sun shining. Crew at leisure.
    1st November 1897
    Fine day but not a very nice wind. Fine breeze for homeward bounders. Have seen three this last week. Had the toothache all day. Practiced piano and shorthand. Was too cold to stay on deck in the dog watch. Saw some Californian Ducks, expect to catch some.
    2nd November 1897
    Fine day, moderate breeze till noon, then calm till 2 p.m. Steward caught two Frisco ducks, they have to be cooked in vinegar for 12 hours. Crochet and practice. Quite out of the tropics. Signalled the “Royal Forth”.
    3rd November 1897
    Fine day, head wind. Bet father a dollar that the “Royal Forth” wil be in Fransisco before us. Sighted 4 masted barque. Hope it is the “ Wilheluw Fell” the gigantic ship. 2nd Mate asked me how I liked the duck, he said he tasted principally vinegar.
    4th November 1897
    Fine calm weather, moderate breeze. Steering a miserable course, getting further off San Francisco than ever. Have got my room totally made up, you would not recognise it. Crochet and various necessary jobs.

    5th November 1897
    Fine day but another head wind. Still see the barque. Will signal if she comes nearer. Was on deck late. Crochet. Mate told me this afternoon that we would arrive in San Francisco sometime if we live long enough.
    6th November 1897
    Fine day till noon, rain at interval's till 4 p.m. Signalled 4 masted Barque “Kellburn” from Swansea to Frisco, 133 days out. Father tell we signalled 167 days out but we are 170. Now we shan't be long.
    7th November 1897
    Fine day but ship making no progress. Put about ship 3 times. Was on deck until 7-o-clock,
    Sighted barque going same way.
    8th November 1897
    Fine day, almost calm but what wind there is , is fair. Going 1 mile in 2 hours. Mr Wright thinks we will carry our misfortune all the way. I think I trust not. Crochet, studied shorthand, time seems very long. A week seems as long to look forward as a month.
    9th November 1897
    Went on deck to see if I could distinguish the 3 ships that are near us but they can only be seen from aloft.
    10th November 1897
    Aggravating weather, dead calm. Father been fishing and has caught 6 or 7 Californian turkeys. Crew catching them as hard as they very well can. I don't think there are any sharks in these Latitudes or we should see them in this calm. Studied shorthand and dusting and polishing piano, also my room.
    11th November 1897
    Mabel Ellen Jardalla sent her nothing yet. Happy returns of the day. I am almost sorry I came, it seems such a waste of time. Caught two sharks. When we caught the second one , as soon as father put the knife into it, out dropped dozens of small ones (sharks, not knives) we counted 36. Mac says we ought to get a fair wind now, the sailors ate them all.
    12th November 1897
    Fine day but head wind, still there is a chance of getting in in about a week. Spent the morning arranging room. Was on deck in the afternoon, also in the evening. Father was cracking jokes with the Mate in the dog watch. I enjoyed myself immensely and laughed till I was almost sore.
    13th November 1897
    Fine day till P.M. Then continual rain for 18 hours. Fore yard carried away. Father has been painting the bath. I have been telling him it was the artists daub. He replied by saying “fools should never see things half finished”.
    14th November 1897
    Rain till 11 a.m. Crew employed repairing fore yard. Rather cold, was on deck in the afternoon.
    15th November 1897
    Fine day, also fair wind. Going 6 knots. Expect to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. Broke off to north and west at 2 p.m. Came up again at 6 p.m.
    16th November 1897
    Fine day but winds not very favourable. Crochet and sewed but thought we should have been there by this time. Practiced in the evening.
    17th November 1897
    Fine day, have been going our course till from 8 p.m. Last night till 2 this morning. Could distinguish the trees at 4 then the night grew drizzly and misty fog. Could sometimes see the burning bushes on the shore. Tacked ship.

    18th November 1897
    Fine morning till noon, then heavy mist. 3rd Mate washed Nell and did'nt she look nice. Saw land but not so plain as yesterday, tacked ship.
    18th November1897
    Fine day, clear for a little while, then fog. Sighted one ship. Hove the lead two or three times and then put about ship. Stayed up till 1 a.m. Had a bath. At last we got into shallower waters and I know that now we should not be long.
    20th November 1897
    Got up in high glee to see a little coaster. Was going to hail her but they did not come close enough. I was the first to sight the land (Point Reyes). The pilot, a great fat Yankee came alongside and wasn't in extinct of joy. We did not need a tug but just sailed in. Father went on shore, I not.
    Extract from San Francisco Call Newspaper 20th November 1897
    Insurance Men Made Happy by the Arrival of Five Overdue Vessels.

    Five vessels on which reinsurance has !been paid have readied port in safety, much to the joy of the speculator?, and there is now only one to be heard from. On the Heathbank, seventy-eight days from Hongkong, 10 guineas per cent was paid; on the Cawdor, 184 days from Swansea, \'l guinea; on the Oriente, 201 days from Newcastle, England,r2i£ guineas ;on the Shenadoah, lt>3 days from Baltimore, 5 guineas, and on the Inveriyon, seventy-three days from Newcastle, Australia, 5 guineas per cent was paid. All of them report baffling winds, and some of them had very heavy weather off the Horn. The British bark Taymouni, on her |maiden voyage from Liverpool, was not spoken by any of the fleet that has reached port. "durinche" has days. She is now out 204 days. and 30 per cent reinsurance has been paid on her. She may have encountered even worse weather than that reported by the Cawdor and Orient, so all |hope for her has not yet been given up. Every vessel that reached port yesterday was for three days off port in the fog. j It was so thick that the lookouts could not see a ship's length, and there were some narrow escapes from collision. Early Friday morning Captain Crombie of the British ship Inveriyon went on deck and found the vessel right under the Carillon light. All hands were called and in a few minutes the vessel was put about and a disaster avoided. There was some little trouble during the voyage, but since the vessel left England Captain Crombie has had a great deal to bear ad it is beginning to tell on him. Soon after |leaving Glasgow one of the apprentices was taken sick and in spite of every care be died. While the Inveriyon was on her way from Rio de Janeiro to Australia Mrs. Crombie was taken ill and died at | sea. Her husband has bean broken and has never been the same man since. One of the apprentices ran away in Newcastle and there was considerable trouble in getting him back, and there has been friction between the officers and men on the run here. A few days ago the mate :gave an order and the captain, coming on deck before it was executed and not knowing that it bad been given, issued another. Somebody on deck remarked, "Oh to — !with him," and Captain Crombie overheard it. He went below, armed himself, and returning on deck offered a £10 reward for the name of the man who had made the remark. No one would tell, and the whole affair blew over. The men have a story to tell and they will lay it before the British Consul on Monday. The British bark Adelaide Mary from Salaveny brought 930 tons of sugar for W. R- Grace & Co. Captain Forbes is a very sick man with the dropsy and heart disease. On September 28 lust Joseph Roliet, an apprentice, died of consumption and was buried at ??a. He was a native of Wales and only 19years old. The brig W. G. Irwin made the run from Honolulu in the very fast lime of 10 days 20 Hours. One of the crew is William Blackley, late manager of the Norfolk baseball team of Virginia. The Hawaiian Bulletin says he was short in his accounts and fled to escape arrest, but Blackley denies the story in total. He admits that he was in debt in Honolulu, and as the 'law would not permit him to leave until he had paid up he had to get away without leave. When he is again in funds Blackley says he will return to Hawaii and pay his just debts. The Italian Lark Oriente and the British ship Cawdor experienced almost the same weather from port to port. The officer* of the ship lay the blame for the long voyage on the sailors, whom they class as navvies, and assert that half the time they could not carry sail because the men did not know how to handle them. Off Rio very heavy weather was experienced, and rounding the Horn the ICawdor was driven back three times. It took her forty-eight days to get from 50 in In the Atlantic to 50 in the Pacific. Both { vessels were caught in electric storms

    21st November 1987
    Got up and had a look around. “Ellisland” towing up the river to load. “Invergarry” sailing for Bonnies Scotland. Spent the day with Mrs. Green.
    22nd november 1897
    Went to the “Wilhelm Fell” and Mrs. Green and family also Miss Edwards took me ashore and showed me the city. Came home at 5. Brought some pretty vases etc. Played Piano. Miss Edwards came on board with us. Met Captain Symmones. Shorted the chutes
    23rd November 1897
    Went on shore with father and Miss Edwards, also 3rd Mate. Saw Mr. Sloan and Miss Susie Sandison. Think a great deal of them both. Wouldn't it be much nicer if one of the others had come too, then that would have been three.
    24th november 1897
    Went ashore with father then left him to do his business and went with Miss Edwards. How my ankles did ache up and down the hills. Saw most of the principal shops. Had all my Christmas cards given me.
    25th November 1897
    Thanksgiving day. Saw the policemen parading.
    26th November 1897
    Went to Blair's Park with Ethel and Connie. Ethel brought 5 cents of candy and we went through the Mystic Maze. What a ****!. Rode home to Broadway other than walk the street. Ship came over to Oakland.
    27th November 1897
    Father and I met Rosie and Doris. The two latter and I went to Cliff House and had our photos taken and I laughed till I think that was why the man took another of us, though he said not. Went to see the Gush's.
    28th November 1897
    Posted some letters. Sandisons were on board, lovely day.
    29th November 1897
    Father not very well, got a cold on his chest. Both of us went to the city but came back early, had a nice walk though. Met Captain Symmens.
    30th November 1897
    Father still the same, received letters from home vsweet home. Came home early from town, sat for our photos.
    1st December 1897
    Father and I were going to the city to meet Miss Edwards but through him not being very well he sent Mac with me. We did not find Miss Edwards and then went to Elele to see my proofs. They were worth paying to see such sights. Mr. Sunns had his taken, Fathers proof was last.
    2nd december 1897
    Father came to City but ought not to have done. Met Miss Edwards, came back by 4 p.m. Ferry boat. I had another sitting for photos.
    3rd December 1897
    Father sent Miss Edwards and I to City for letters and when we came back he had gone to the hospital. Miss Edwards and I did not go on board but went to the hospital with Mr. Lunt. Found father much better looking and far more like getting well than if still on the ship.
    4th December 1897
    Went to hospital, shopping.

    5th December 1897
    Went to hospital and spent nearly all day with father.
    6th December 1897
    Went to hospital, came home 6 o clock boat.
    7th December 1897
    Rained hard all day. Could not go to see father. Stayed on board ship and practiced music.
    8th december 1897
    Went to see father and found Captain Bennet moved into same room so they had plenty of company. stayed 3 hours or more and then went to catch the 5 o clock ferry.
    9th december 1897
    After straightening cabin spent the day at hospital. Brought a shoe bag for Father as a Christmas present. Listened to music in Emporium.
    10th December 1897
    Similar to yesterday. Went to emporium and brought some pretty easels or frames for the photos. Had lunch at emporium, brought some nice pieces for the piano forte. Went to hospital.
    11th December 1897
    Similar to yesterday. Fine warm day. Ordered paraffin for Steward from Pop Sloan. Went to hospital in the afternoon.
    12th December 1897
    Similar to yesterday.

    13th December 1897
    Spent time shopping and hospital. Miss Edwards took me to see all the principal shops.
    14th December 1897
    Went to hospital and through emporium to listen to music One man plays some very pretty music. Had word from Mrs. Green saying she was going to write to you. Arrived on board at 6:30 Practised Piano, banjo and sewed brush and comb bag.
    15th December 1897
    Went to hospital and shop seeing. Seems to me there's not too much to write. Met Captain Crombie , he came on board to look after the lasses as he calls us. He tells everyone he has to come on board every night to see that we both behave. Jolly old fellow.
    16th-22nd december 1897
    No Entries
    23rd december 1897
    Went to Cliff House, had our photos taken
    24th December 1897
    Hospital in morning, Father came out and went to G. W. Hotel.
    25th december 1897
    Spent at Miss Edwards but did not enjoy it, would rather have been with father. Had sulphur bath. Father spent Xmas with Dr. Macdonald.
    26th december 1897
    At Sonomora Valley. Had a lovely walk to Elvarans. Had bath.
    27th december 1897
    Same place, had sulphur bath and as many apples as I could eat.
    28th december 1897
    Spent the day with Mrs. Boyes, fortuning until Miss Edwards came home then taught her Little Brown Jug on the banjo. Wasn't I glad when I found a telegram saying come to city.
    29th december 1897
    Walked to Sonoma Village and Bake. Found a loose shoe. Came to city and met father.
    30th December 1897
    Got a few of my pictures. Father getting better, we had a nice walk him and I to the top of Market Street.
    31st december 1897
    Was presented with the dearest little watch from my father. Returned to ship early and went to bed soon. Forgot about New Years eve. Heard bells and thought they must be fire bells but it was the Officers ringing in the New Year.
    1st January 1898
    Fine day. Captain Garriock was on board and stayed till three then went to a party. We were to have gone to the Sandisons but father did not seem able so stayed on board. Was on deck till 8:30 p.m.
    1st January 1898
    Captain Garriock, Father and I had lunch together at the Emporium. Captain Garriock presented me with a bunch of carnations. Mr. Sloan, a souveniour spoon. Came to ship early. Had no one on board, went to bed early.
    2nd January 1898
    Fine day. Intent was to go to Sandissons but father was not very able to go. I was on board all day.
    3rd January 1898
    Went to church with Captain Garriock. Had a very nice sermon. Fine day.
    4th January 1898
    Went to city, saw Mrs. Sloan. Heard a few jokes, went to emporium with Captain Garriock. Brought machine needles and table covers. Practised piano and shorthand.
    5th January 1898
    Fine day, had Captain Garriock on board. Went to city and spent a pleasant day. Got a lot of magazines from Captain Ward of “Invermay”. Played piano.
    6th January 1898
    Fine day, went to Monterey to see Mrs. Rennieon board “Lealandia”. Had a jolly time with children. Stayed all night, had Chief Officers room.
    7th January 1898
    I came to city for letters then right on board. Father went to the “Crompton” and came home about 6 p.m. I met Ethel Sandison and brought her on board for the night. She was studying shorthand.
    8th January 1898
    Rainy day. Ethel did not go to school in the morning. I went as far as Broadway with her in the afternoon. I gave her my photo. I have hers and Captain Garriock. Stayed all night.
    9th January 1898
    Went to City with father and Captain Garriock. Met Ethel and a chum. Went to emporium and round the town. Returned at 4 p.m. Captain Garriock went home. Captain Longmuir and also Captain of Italian Barque were on board.
    10th january 1898
    Lovely day. Father , Captain Longmuir and I went to church. Went to ferry in afternoon to see about trains from New York.
    11th january 1898
    Very windy but much warmer. Did not go on deck. Plenty of rolling about. Foul wind all day. Read shorthand. Ship went up to Crockett, lovely sail, arrived at 3 p.m. Captain Bennet and Symmons were both welcoming us on the way. Was on board the “Inverneil”. Both ships left us alone, one to the City the other to Bela Costa
    12th January 1898
    Went to Monterey, I stayed a week with them. Had a nice drive up country, I drove. Came on board “Zcalandia” at 6:30 p.m. After spending a pleasant day on shore. After tea, played cards.
    13th january 1898
    Fine day, father went to city. I went a drive with Mrs. Rennie and friends away among the hills. Had our fortunes told. Roads were very heavy. Came on board at 6 p.m. Had tea and then played checkers. I only novice yet though they say I know enough to cheat.
    14th-24th January 1898
    No entries

    25th January 1898
    Saw the grand procession. Was fairly good. We were very cold standing. Met Captain Garriock and had lunch. Called at Mr. Macboyles, Chemist, and then crossed the Bay. Father went to Crockett , I to Sandisons.
    26th january 1898
    Went to city with Ethel Sandison. Brought serviette rings and match box. Was waiting for Miss Edwards, saw her just for a second as she was going to ferry. Went to see the famous painting in the Emporium “The Blacksmith”, I have seen it 5 times.
    27th january 1898
    Fine day, ship came down from Crockett. Captain Garriock took me to Cliff House and Sutros baths, also Sutro's heights. Father very busy signing Bills of Lading. Met father and went on board. Had a nice pull to the ship which is in the stream.
    28th january 1898
    Fine day, met Captain Garriock. Went to see flower show at Union Square. It was very pretty but such a crush. Went to a party with Sandisons, spent a very happy evening, laughed till I cried.
    29th January 1898
    Lovely crisp, frosty day. Went to Chutes with Captain Garriock to see the Living Doll. Got one of her photos with her autograph. We did shoot the Chutes and saw a women come down on a bike
    30th january 1898
    Fine day, brought a lot of souvenirs and work for the passage home. Father almost finished business. Got a lot of magazines from Pop Sloan, a box of fruit from Mr. Macboyle and perfume from Captain Linklater.
    31st january 1898
    Went to church with Doris. Went over to S. “Alameda” with Mr. and Mrs. Rennie in the afternoon.
    1st february 1898
    Sailed for England., Queenstown. Had a talk with Pilot. Went below at 12 p.m. Feeling queer. Had a fair wind but it was blowing so strong that we could do no good. Pilot left at 3 p.m.
    2nd february 1898
    Fine morning, then drizzle and fog. Head wind. Commenced to tidy up my room ready for the voyage. Read History, Geography and Hamlet. Father feeling a little cold on chest.
    3rd February 1898
    Drizzly day. Commenced pasting views in album. Crochet and worked at various odd jobs. Still head wind. Bad starting makes a good ending. Was on deck for some time.
    4tth february 1898
    Fine day, calm seas, finished album views. Commenced crochet mats for sisters. Was on deck at 4 p.m. Making no progress. Father in bed all day.
    5th february 1898
    Fine day, getting warmer weather. Father up today, feeling better. Was busy at crochet etc.
    6th February 1898
    Fine day, read and practiced shorthand. Read history. Felt a wee bit squeamish. Head wind, ship rolled a great deal. Was on deck for a short time in afternoon.
    7th February 1898
    Fine day, was on deck nearly all day. Tacking off Frisco.
    8th february 1898
    Lovely day but minus fair wind. Commenced to cut pattern of wrapper. Also machined seams and put on yoke. Spent nearly all day at it, think it will look very pretty.
    9th February 1898
    Fine day, foul wind. Sewed more of wrapper. Went on deck for a little time. Studied lessons, did no crochet.
    10th february 1898
    Fine day but early had a heavy squall which carried away most of our sails. Crew employed all day bending and unbending sails. Still at wrapper, wrote shorthand. Father better, on deck all day.
    11th february 1898
    Fine day, calm sea, making little progress. Still sewing wrapper and learning lessons. Was on deck till 6 p.m. From 4. Practiced piano. Heard Banjo. Had a game of bezique. Lost all favour.
    12th february 1898
    Fine day, calm. Finished wrapper. Commenced crewel work, played Piano. Cheated at cards and heard banjo. Was not on deck.
    13th february 1898
    Fine day, got the N.E. Trades, sailing 6 knots. Hope we do same all the way. Was on deck all afternoon. I have a holiday same as crew on Saturday afternoon. Just entering tropics.
    14th february1898
    Lovely day, just nice and cool. Some however here and some at home, lucky me. On deck all day.
    15th february 1898
    Lovely weather, just rather too warm. Sewed a great deal of crewel work. Practiced piano and employed time at various odd jobs.
    16th february 1898
    Beautiful day, very warm. Saw some birds called “Bos'uns”. They are very hard to catch, impossible unless you shoot them or get them asleep on the yards. Crochet, studied shorthand and other lessons. Practiced piano.
    17th february 1898
    Fine day. Commenced print skirt, rather difficult job trying to cut on the cross. Took me all day to cut. Could hear music from forward very well. I practiced a little.
    18th February 1898
    Calm sea, Caught two sharks, very exciting, both big ones. Practiced piano and violin. Studied and employed time at various useful jobs. Can be on deck all last dog watch. Put up horse shoes in my room.
    19th February 1898
    Fine weather but still very warm. Did crewel work etc. Caught no fish aft. Sailors caught a bonito, Oh it was so nice.
    20th February 1898
    Fine day, practiced shorthand and geography. Practiced piano, on deck till 8 bells.
    21st February 1898
    Lovely day on deck reading and talking.
    22nd February 1898
    Loosing N.E. Trades. Hoping to see some ships. Crotchet and sewed, finished skirt, looks very nice. 3rd Mate painting after part of vessel, mine looks shabby beside it.
    23rd february 1898
    Fine day but very warm. Still painting aft. Crochet and sewed Employed time at necessary jobs.
    24th february 1898
    Fine day, washed clothes. Get very little water. Was on deck till 8 p.m. Commenced toilet mat for Effie.
    25th February 1898
    Fine day, lost N.E. Trades and in the Doldrums. Very close. Crocheted and sewed. Wrote and read shorthand, practiced piano.
    26th february 1898
    Fine day, very warm. Crocheted and sewed. Read and wrote lessons.
    27th february 1898
    Fine day, on deck all day. Did a good piece of crewel work.
    28th February 1898
    Fine day, not too warm. Got fearfully sunburned
    1st March 1898
    Fine sunny day. Could not go on deck because my face was so sore and twice the size, especially my nose. Went on deck for a short time after dusk.
    2nd March 1898
    Fine day, my face still very sore but better than yesterday. Crochet., on deck all day. Practiced piano.
    3rd March 1898
    Fine day, got S.E. Trades. Fine breeze but of course not favourable to homeward bounders. Hope to be home in June. Hope Mollie and Effie get next voyage.
    4th March 1898
    Sunny warm day. Every day just the same so I get bothered how to fill the space of the book. One way of doing it, was on deck till 8 p.m.
    5th March 1898
    Fine day, have got nice baths every morning. Carpenter going to make chest for mother and box for me. Finished rosettes almost for Effies mat.
    6th March 1898
    Fine day, cooler and calm. Finished Effies mat. Looks very pretty.
    7th March 1898
    Fine day, was on deck finishing book lent by 3rd Mate. Talked to him in afternoon, saw booby's.
    8th March 1898
    Calm, put out lines for sharks . Caught one at 9 p.m. After standing for 2 hours looking for them, twice they took the bait but not the hook. Tried to take the sun but couldn't get at it for a long time.
    9th march 1898
    Fine day but not quite so calm. Sewed and crochet. Commenced mat for Effie, colour violet. Rather tiresome work but very pretty when done. Practiced lessons till midday.
    10th March 1898
    Fine day, lessons till twelve then crewel work. Read a Strand magazine. Time seems so long to look forward to. We hope to be home just middle of summer.
    11th March 1898
    Fine day, very sultry. Tidied rooms and washed clothes. Precious is the water. Sewed and crochet. Saw no ships or birds.
    12th March 1898
    Fine day. Was busy all day but wishing ( I suppose not the right thing to do) for night every thing gets stale. Very close all day. Shorthand etc.
    13th March 1898
    Rainy day. All day had to stay below till just eight bells. Felt very miserable, very little music.
    14th March 1898
    Fine, sunny, warm day. Was on deck all day. Had fish for tea.
    15th March 1898
    Fine day till 3 p.m. Then drizzle till 4p.m. Fine spell then rain till nearly 7 p.m. Was on deck a good time in morning, little while in afternoon & evening.
    16th March 1898
    Fine day. Crochet and shorthand. Practiced and covered Eloise shoes with silver paper. Expect to get around the Horn about end of the month. Head winds at present.
    17th March 1898
    Carpenter has given me a box that no one but himself and I can open. I am not exactly pleased with my room, it will not look furnished. Carpenter promised to make a few frames for photos. He is busy caulking up part of the rudder trunk.
    18th March 1898
    Was on deck for some time. Dear diary, how badly you have been kept. I have been busy all day at crochet work and sewing hard. Very little music these last few days having head winds.

    19th March 1898
    Oh dear, how I wish we had a favourable wind, I feel just awful lazy. Spelling dreadful, am liking shorthand more every time I read it. Not the same as Susies.
    20th March 1898
    I have been trying to open the box I received from chips and succeeded at last. Carpenter finished mothers cedar wood chest. Crochet and lessons. Practiced piano and banjo.
    21st March 1898
    Had a very fine day, always seem to get a good Sundays.
    22nd March 1898
    Working all day, let down silk dress and washed clothes. Carpenter finished one frame, looks very nice. Father put photo of Miss Edwards dog in it. On deck till 8 bells.
    23rd March 1898
    Busy as usual. Time sometimes seems very long. Do not think we shall make a record passage, do not seem to sight many ships, perhaps just not in the track of them. Mate gave me some puzzles. Crotchet and lessons.
    24th March 1898
    Rule of contrary!. Wind right ahead. Mate says we get nine days head wind for dumping a dog, three weeks for a cat. We have lost a beautiful Maltese cat and also puppy. Pussy walked over half round I think
    25th March 1898
    Father seeming better than he has for some time. Got some more puzzles from the Mate. Knew one of them but found the other not just easy. Crochet, had a little rain. Have been taking a good deal of water on board.
    26th March 1898
    Getting out of fine weather but still a long way from the Horn. Seems I must be a Jonah. Have some better times some nights than others. Crew have been singing, steward made me some toffee. Poop rail smashed in 2nd Mates watch, always bad weather in this watch.
    27th March 1898
    Rainy day all day till sunset. What a beautiful sunset. Went on deck at one bell, quarter to eight. Father been examining me on Spain, answers nearly all sensible.
    28th March 1898
    On deck for some time. Steward not able to make toffee with white sugar, ship not steady enough.
    29th March 1898
    Weather getting very unsteady. Passage looks long. Practiced on banjo in afternoon.
    Also finished square of quilt, lessons at 2 p.m. Colder, cannot go on deck minus coat. Poop rail smashed worse, three iron stanchions gone.
    30th March 1898
    Weather fine, was crocheting on deck for an hour and a half, then did a little reading. Steward makes some very nice cakes and of course I am never far away at 2 p.m. When father has his afternoon (old maid custom) cup of tea.
    31st March 1898
    Colder day, sighted a ship at last, she is leaving us behind, how she did roll this afternoon. She has been taking in sail. Crochet and lessons. Practice promptly attended, as the mate put in his log. Side lights and lookout promptly attended to etc. etc.
    1st April 1898
    All fools day, forgot all about it till ten then would have tried one of the mates but it was his watch below. Hadn't the cheek to send steward to him so gave it up. Bosun Kinsey and all 2nd Mates watch fooled, lovely weather.
    2nd April 1898
    Fine day, rather warmer. On deck for a promenade. Suppose Mollie will be commencing to use her wheel. Busy at tidying bottom of lower bunk in my room.

    3rd April 1898
    Fine day till 10 a.m. Then drizzle and mist all day. Wind fair so we must not grumble. Father got my photo in a frame chips made and hung in his room.
    4th April 1898
    Fine day, just rainy squalls at intervals. Got a lot of riddles from Third Mate
    5th April 1898
    Heavy swell from westward. Ship sailed a little then it begins to get squally and we are hove too. I went on deck to see the masts. We are under what is called a goose wing top sail. Fathers room washing about all day., steward in room bailing it out every 5 minutes. 7 p.m. Mate sighted ship running and thought she was coming down on us, she crossed our bow and off she went.
    6th april 1898
    asty swell, Bottom of the coop washed out. Four hens washed about the deck one killed, the others washed overboard. Ship going her course rolling terribly, had a supply of water coming through skylight. Steward made toffee.
    7th April 1898
    Rainy day, ship not rolling so much as she has been, still plenty. Had the killed chicken for dinner , still eating toffee. Not been on deck, crocheted, was trying to do arithmetic.
    8th April 1898
    Still cold and drizzle. Lot of water coming on board. Practised a little piano and banjo. Father interested in a book called “Monte Cristo's Son”, I reading “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Getting along with quilt.
    9th April 1898
    Cold and drizzle, ship going her course. Everybody making bets on the passage. Been very busy at crochet. Practiced piano etc. Read shorthand.
    10th April 1898
    Cold and dreary, been busy all day sewing and straightening up. Practiced all instrument's, had a game of cards.
    11th April 1898
    Very cold day but favourable wind, on deck for a short time.
    12th April 1898
    Not quite so cold. Finished a square of quilt. Had heavy hail at noon. Practiced and studied. Steward fishing all day but caught nothing.
    13th April 1898
    Colder day, was on deck for a short time. Crochet quilt. Lessons and practice promptly attended too.
    14th April1898
    Still colder weather but not as cold as we have had it. Steward lent me a lot of books. Caught 3 pigeons, practiced.
    15th April 1898
    Cold day. Had rare sport in four to six dog watch as all Officers and myself trying shooting. Steward caught another pigeon. Practice and lessons.
    16th April 1898
    Dismal day, sky overcast. My feet very sore with chilblains , had toffee but not so nice as last. Practice and lessons. Copied wages act, had a game of cards.
    17th April 1898
    Drizzle all afternoon. Had no ships work. Not on deck all day. Crochet , finished all work four squares for bed quilt, only 8 more to do.
    18th April 1898
    Fine day, not so cold. Was on deck a little while in the 2nd Mates watch, 12-4 and from 4-5.
    19th April 1898
    Getting warmer every day. Hope soon to be on deck to sew. 3rd Mate lends me his banjo as often as I like to practice. Received fiction books from him.Employed time at various jobs.
    20th April 1898
    Fine day but rather cold. I had terrible fun in afternoon. Ship going about 8 knots and steward fishing for albatross. Caught one and oh it was heavy to pull in. Second and 3rd Mates and steward assist pulling it in , it was all they could do to get it in. Caught two more. I told them I would have sacrificied a lot for a Kodec.
    21st april 1898
    A fine day, a few birds flying about. I'm going to catch one for the bill and feet. Carpenter been taking measures for frames, still working on quilt.
    22nd April 1898
    Very fine day getting much warmer. Been reading home letters. Ship rolled a good deal in the night time. Of course I had just taken down my weather boards and had to wake back and put them up again.
    23rd April 1898
    Fine day, taken down board and put it in after, guess I'll still need it tomorrow, same as fog horn as soon as it stowed away we have fog. Never see any ships, must have a track of our own. Was on deck all afternoon.
    24th April 1898
    Very damp and drizzly till noon then cleared off a lot. Was on deck, holiday. Steward caught two Albatross, Bosun one. The latter cut the breast of his too small. Now being asked where it was replied, pointing over the side. There spoiled the whole caboodles.
    25th April 1898
    Rainy day, very bad accident. Rennie fell from mizzen mast and killed instantly. Was buried at noon. It was a very touching sight.
    27th April 1898
    Fine day, on deck in morning, everything going on just the same. Crew scrubbing paintwork. I saw Rennie last on Saturday afternoon. On deck till 7 p.m.
    28th April 1898
    Fine warm day, crew washing bright work on poop. Had some singing on main deck . After his watch singing 3rd Mate at Banjo. They were singing “Poor old Joe” and “There is a tavern in the Town” etc.
    29th April 1898
    Weather getting much warmer every day. Bright work almost finished, have been busy at various jobs.

    Nothing after this, pages missing.

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    Default Re: A sailing ships voyage

    ##well john i must say i found that a extemely interesting read ....and a picture well given from her point of view on the daily happenings aboard that vessel have surely persevered with what must have been a hard task ...all credit to you and respect for putting it on the site ....there was three pints left for you in anticipation at the old ship ....a small blond barmaid said she would see you got them hope she did just that wishes for a really good read ....cappy

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    Default Re: A sailing ships voyage

    Thank you John for an interesting account of a voyage on a Sailing Vessel.

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    Default Re: A sailing ships voyage

    Yes JA
    Thanks indeed quite lengthy and in good detail as well.
    Senior Member and Friend of this Website


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    Default Re: A sailing ships voyage

    John, I thank you for your time and effort in transcribing this young girl's diary. It may seem repetitive at times but her time spent in San Francisco is of great interest to me as she mentions a number of vessels of G Milne & Co's Inver Line. which was an Aberdeen based company of sailing ships which crop up in some of the research I have done into Aberdeen registered sailing vessels.
    Regards Bill

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    Default Re: A sailing ships voyage

    That is a piece of History that should be preserved, of a way of life and seafaring that has gone forever.
    Thanks once again John

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    Default Re: A sailing ships voyage

    #5... Bill I seem to recollect a chief engineer in Seaforth who was said to have been around the Horn in sail and one of the last to do so. Wouldn't of been a trading ship but maybe a sail training ship. Can't remember his name but rather think his first name may have been Bruce, he died whilst working for SML with an unexpected heart attack.There was a bit of mystery around his death as was a bloke then in his 40s. He may of been South African but can't really remember. Do you have any recollections of him? Cheers JWS

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    Default Re: A sailing ships voyage

    Hi John. Something ringing a bell there. If am right he was Bruce ? a South African. Seaforth had a charter in the Mediterranean working out of some Yugoslavia port. The Seaforth Victor & Warrior were the two vessels. I can't remember which one he was Chief on but an incident in the engine room involving a gas cylinder which he was trying to get onto the deck brought on a heart attack. I am now relating this second hand. Bruce Jordan from Whitley Bay was the 2nd Eng. at the time and told me later he was taken to the local hospital which he described as something like Scutari from the Crimean War. I think it was there he died not sure.
    Regards Bill

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    Default Re: A sailing ships voyage

    That's some job John, thanks. I have to say the date 1898 amuses me because my Grandfather, whom I loved dearly, was a stone mason, his claim to fame was he built a toilet in Dublin in 1898, and any chance he got he'd tell us kids about it. He was 21 at the time and he died in 1970 aged 93.

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