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    Default Elder Dempster Lines Ltd

    I joined ED in Nov 1959 after completing my apprenticeship.
    Initially stood by on the MV Eboe in Toxteth Dock, Liverpool.
    After a few weeks told to report to the SS Cargill a Liberty boat built in 1944 in Montreal.
    Quite a transformation from a modern Doxford engined ship.

    I was on alternate nights for a few weeks until a crew from Hong Kong arrived to sail the ship back to the new owners.

    The engineering superintendent gave me a travel voucher to join the MV Perang in Hamburg.
    Boat train Harwich to Zeebrugge train to Hamburg.
    All very exciting for a young engineer who had hardly been abroad before.

    Arriving in Hamburg met by ED agent who drove me to the British Embassy to sign on.

    Then to Afrika Hoft in Hamburg docks.Shown my cabin and you are on nights tonight !

    Sailed next morning for Rotterdam and Antwerp.

    Then to Tilbury, 4 days leave, rejoined the ship and sailed Xmas Eve after loading bagged cement at Blue Circle cement works now Bluewater shopping centre.

    Bay of Biscay, rough, couldnít cook Xmas lunch on the solid fuel stove, Perang was Doxford main engine , but steam auxillaries, compressors, generators, steering gear.

    West coast of Africa, then USA, Canada, Denmark, Avonmouth, six months .

    Leave, 3 weeks, promoted to 4th Engineer, thatís another story.

    Mike Boyd

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    Default Re: Elder Dempster Lines Ltd

    Hello Michael
    Nice opening Story there and i am sure it was a real Eye opener for a young Lad, as many here as well have experienced!

    Thank you , and i hope we get more Stories of later Years at Sea.
    Enjoy the site
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