Gratuities on cruise ships is a total mystery to some who go on them.

With Princess, ad that is the main one we use it varies on so many details.

For the novice cruiser there will be a charge of up to $14 per day.
But on all cruises out of Australian ports there is no charge, it is not part of our culture so it is not imposed.
Similar with some sailing from Japanese ports, considered to be an insult to tip.

But if you do not wish to pay the charge you do what I do, go to the service desk and sign a waiver.
But if we get good service from our winger and his mate along with the BR I bung them a wedge at the end of the cruise.

Then there is the Princess plus, this is a total charge for the cruise which allows for free wi fi and drinks up to the value of $15 each, as many as you like .
Then Princess plus extra, that includes daily gratuities and drinks of up to $25 each and again as many as you like.

Conditions of crew from what they tell me is very good compared with some other companies.
Now no longer allowed to work any more than 13 hours per day and must have ta least one period of 7 hours free.
Wages and conditions are negotiated annually including as many phone calls home as they wish.
Food and bars as good as those for guests, with a gym and swimming pool.
There is a waiting list for crew to join the company as the word is it offers the best crew conditions of any cruise company.
Crew serve a 9 month agreement and at the end get a one way air fair home.

I make sure I get to speak with as many crew as I can, they are all very willing to talk.