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That Chief Officer looked very young to me, or am just getting on a bit?
Tony, You weren't on the site when I posted this its a true tale mate. We had a chat room on this forum a few years ago. Sitting at my p.c. one evening and Chief Engineer came up in the chat room, I replied are you ex or still serving Chief, Still serving reply we are tied up in the Free port Seaforth Liverpool. Really I said I live a stones throw from where your berthed, Great came the reply you may be able help us out we are here over night and don't sail until tomorrow evening we are looking for somewhere local without having to go into Liverpool City center that maybe has karaoke Etc... where we can have a few drinks...……………….. Right I said get yourself a cab and tell him your going to the Royal Oak pub, Crosby, Karaoke/ Good pint/ Clean/ Good bar staff/ And serves until half past midnight. And you never know your luck some nice young woman get in there tonight hey heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. You lads could have a ball. Right thanks for that I will let any of the lads who come along what you said. I will probably get along there after I have skyped my husband and young son BYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!