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Thread: Modern Ships

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    Smile Modern Ships

    For all their fancy gear aboard,
    for all thier luxury fittings,
    They look just like,
    Big blocks of flats
    That you and I just sit in!

    A city block,
    with a pointed bit
    Where the rich buggers tend to sit
    whilst down below
    old jack does't sweat
    to keep the companies deadlines met,
    And then the punters go ashore,
    Whilst jack makes do with a dockside whore.

    Then when they're back in Englands arms,
    the punters tell of all the charms, the life ,the world, the things they see,
    the life of travelling by sea,
    But poor old jack, he's work to do,
    He's part of such a busy crew
    To get the ship all spick and span
    So's more rich bods can leave the land.
    But do they really see the sea,
    like poor old jacks like you and me?

    (c) Alan Gale, Nov 2014.
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    Default Re: Modern Ships

    i am old school and an old man - happily at that - i prefer the old passenger ships and to an extent the earlier cruise ships - what passes as a cruise ship - today - is up to personal taste - a family member of mine - recently did a cruise on oasis - verdict - loved the cruise and whole package - did not like the queues etc - my closing point - cruise ships - like technology - serve a newer market - and by the record number of ships and passenger volumes today - are a necessary commodity - every thing must be close at hand - and quick access - for the lack of a better expression ... give me a book - a deck chair or quite corner and a cup of tea any day ....

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    Default Re: Modern Ships

    So many cruise ships and companies now, with I have been told another 90 either being built or designed.

    But it is the fastest growing leisure market currently with prices so low, brought about by competition, that so many can afford it now.

    Yes the ships do not look the same, but neither do aircraft or cars, it is the latest in a fast moving world.
    But for those of us who cruise regularly and know their ships there are still plenty of quiet spots to be found where you can chill out and dream of the ships of yesteryear.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
    World Traveller

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