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Thread: Jeffrey Crippen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffrey crippen View Post
    Hi John Thank you for your post many great memories of P&0 orient ships in pla Tilbury On my first trip to sea the Strathmore Arcadia & Iberia all tied up one behind the other , I was on the Orontes tied up in the Orient line birth opposite what a great sight later sailed Strathmore Arcadia Orcades & Canberra . Orient line ships quite often rendeouved & passed each other on there line runs , two that stand out was Orontes outward bound to Aus & Oriana home ward on her maiden voyage the ships greeted each other with horns blasting long into the distance the ships passed very close. Homeward bound same trip on Orontes we passed Orcades out ward bound in bay biscay same routine great times regards Jeff happy sailing
    Hi Jeff hope you will enjoy all that you see on this great site, "Welcome to our world" , only ever saw Tilbury from the Thames as we sailed
    past, in those days you cold see into the inner dock where the liners were berthed, I was only ever on refrigerated and general cargo ships but
    was always impressed by the cruise ships, I took a nice photo of Stratheden when she was outside Tilbury in much the same spot as Freds
    photo of Arcadia. Many years later I often worked in Inside Tilbury docks as a telephone engineer but in the 70's and 80's it was almost like
    a ghost town with empty buildings and few ships, manly coasters and timber cargos. Today it is Londns principle cruise terminal mainly Fred Olsen's cruises. the outer dock has been constructed to take the world's largest container ships and has massive cranes on the waterfront, the inner dock is now part of a huge complex known as the London Gateway, I still take an interest in Tilbury as I live just a few miles away, all the best John F

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    Ni sa (m)bula Jeff.
    I think you are right, IBERIA was a regular visitor that I recall. Were the USA ships Monteray and Mariposa still doing the East US coast across the Pacific via Fiji? Take a look at Around the Branches and QI Spotlight . As I get older it is never too boring than to get comfortable, close my eyes and remember all those wonderful years in full technicolour and with a little bit of concentration the smells and sounds almost come back.
    All the trips and only once to Tassie - i'm third from the left docked at Risdon. All the best.
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