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Thread: Peter Payne

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    Unhappy Peter Payne

    I sailed with a young lad called Peter Payne with Blue Star 40 years ago.
    Peter jumped ship in New Zealand and because of that got made up .
    We were great friends back then and I always wondered where he was and what he was doing now. I tried a couple of times to find him but with no success, then one day I got a message on messenger from an old girlfriend in New Zealand . We got talking and Peters name came up. Low and behold she new where he was .
    We got in touch with each other and chatted a few times but unfortunately he had an illness called lupus (I think that was what it was called) and about 4/5 weeks later he died of the condition.
    Even though I had not heard from him for 40 years it was like we saw each other last week , and it hit me quite hard.
    This was about two months ago.
    At least I know where he is now .
    RIP Peter.
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    Default Re: Peter Payne

    I also met two old shipmates from , at that time, 43 years before, we are still in touch some 10 years later. One is in Canada , and one in NZ, i have been out and visited them both, and as soon as you start talking the bond of the sea remains in all of us. May your shipmate sail in calm waters, regards Keith Tindell

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