We remember Lord, we remember: we remember ships tossed in the
air by explosions, we remember men, our friends, falling beside us....
we remember telegrams coming to the doors of our neighbours, husbands
taken from our arms never to return; sons whom we feared for every day.
We remember a lot, we remember....
Loving Father - help us in our memories - ease us in the pain of them,
without causing us to forget.
Lord God - we remember the costs, remind us too of the victory - of
what was won by our comrades and by fellow countrymen;
And finally Lord God - be with all those who are facing war this day
- our men and woman at sea and on land and in the air in the mid-east;
and be with the rulers of this world and all the world's citizens, that
we may learn and live the way of peace with justice, we ask it Jesus'
name AMEN