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I was on the Beaver Pine, 1963/4/5 ish, good feeder and crew. We had terrible weather going out across the N. Atlantic one winter. Up and down and shipping em green all the way over till we reached the ice. I remember seeing a long line across the deck in front of the bridge when we were in Quebec, it was like when you keep bending a piece of metal. Everyone talked about it and it was pointed out to the powers that be, then I suppose, forgotten.
Many years later, I heard she had been sold of elsewhere. It was reported that she sank off the west coast of S. America with all hands lost. When I heard about it, I wondered if that line in the deck we saw, was anything to do with it.
I cant remember where I heard about it from, it's just a memory. Anyone else hear of this about the beaver Pine?
I was 3rd mate on the beaverpine in 73 and did her last voyage as a general cargo ship before she was converted to a container ship and renamed c.p explorer. We were on charter to a Dutch outfit and loaded in Germany and Holland with general for discharge in the carribbean, st.thomas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Bahamas, then up to Baltimore to load grain for sharpness and Londonderry before being laid up in Liverpool then going onto being converted to container ship.
The line on the deck in front of the bridge was most likely to be the strain guage connected to an analogue instrument on the bridge which every 2? Hours we would record the readouts from and send them off to the British ship research group.
The beaverpine was a great ship and we had a fantastic and we had a great trip.