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Thread: In Memoriam...m.v.Derbyshire 9-10 Sept.1980

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    Default Re: In Memoriam...m.v.Derbyshire 9th Sept.1980

    Where is Gulliver now, He always had some very interesting posts and good information on many seafaring events. Miss his posts.

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    In Memoriam...m.v.Derbyshire
    m.v.DERBYSHIRE /Golf Uniform Lima Kilo...Lost 9th September 1980
    This year will be the 36th Anniversary ..... In Remembrance of the 44 Persons Who Lost their Lives in m.v.Derbyshire,on 9th September 1980.

    The years pass by so quickly,but the disbelief and sorrow of the sudden loss remain in our thoughts today and always……..
       Please pause a while and remember here-

    ALLIS Kevin -Jnr.Eng.Officer
    BAYLISS Francis Arthur -Chief Officer
    BEST Phillip Joseph- Steward
    BINDON Paul John -Extra 2nd Officer
    BLEASE Thomas Victor- Petty Officer/Carpenter
    BOND Richard- Petty Officer
    BROWN Terence- GP1
    BUCKLEY William -Purser /Chief Steward
    BUJANG Ali Bin -GP1
    BURKE Timothy- GP1
    COATES Nigel -GP1
    CHEDOTAL Frederick James- Electrical Eng.Officer
    COLTMAN Leo Thomas Mackenzie- 3rd Eng.Officer
    CRONE John James -2nd Steward
    FREEMAN Mark -Jnr.Catering Rating
    GORDON Andrew- Steward
    GORDON Alexander Turner- Steward
    GRAHAM Joseph Henry -2nd Cook
    GREENLAND John James -Steward
    HARDMAN Barry James -Chief Cook
    HODGES Anthony Jack -Chief Petty Officer
    HUNT William Leonard -4th Engineer Officer
    HUTCHINSON Graeme- Extra 3rd Engineer Officer
    HUTCHINSON Mrs.Anne- Marie- Wife of Graeme
    JONES David Hugh -2nd Engineer Officer
    JONES Mrs.Mary -Wife of David
    KANE Norman Gibson Aiken- GP1
    KING Paul Desmond -Jnr.Engineer Officer
    LAMBERT Peter -GP1
    LANGTON Bernard- GP2
    MARSH Norman -Chief Engineer Officer
    MUSA Ali Bin Haji -GP1
    MUSA Ronnie- GP1
    NOBLETT James -GP1
    RAPLEY Clive William -Extra Chief Officer
    RIDYARD David Michael -Extra 4th Engineer Officer
    SEKAH Badarun Bin -GP1
    STOTT Adrian Keith- Jnr.Seaman
    TAYLOR Peter John -Petty Officer
    TAYLOR Raymond William -2nd Officer
    UNDERHILL Capt.Geoffrey Victor -Master
    WALLER Roy Alfred -Radio Officer
    WILLIAMS Griffith Wyn- GP1
    WILLIAMSON Edward Frank -Jnr.Engineer Officer

       Also Remembering

    PRESCOTT Robert -3rd Engineer Officer
    BIGGAM Maxwell -Electrical Engineer Officer
      Who tragically lost their lives earlier , in 1976, also in the Derbyshire(when named Liverpool Bridge)


    SCULLY John - GP 1 who died aboard another Bibby vessel,m.v.Devonshire in 1983

    Once again,our thoughts are also with All the Families,Friends,and ex- Shipmates .

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