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    Default Note Please ALL

    I had asked nicely that there be NO postings regards Marian, not being able to post on site!
    Why does this carry on and on, Marian is not Banned , she is just in Limbo!
    Reasons of her being there is for the Admin alone! No more will be said on this
    Thank You

    Most all Members as far as i am aware have Opted in for Scuttlebutt Chat etc, so everyone who has should be able to read the post i put on .

    As mentioned Yes, i will now close this Thread , as it does not help at all.
    Thank You

    Before anyone asks (

    The other post containing replies on Marian and her not being able to post will now be fully deleted! This as a consequence of non compliance of my Post asking not to post on her! Sorry to all.
    Last edited by Doc Vernon; 22nd May 2023 at 12:16 AM. Reason: The other Thread on Marian will now be fully deleted!

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