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Article: From The Indefatigable to.......

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    From The Indefatigable to.......

    1 Comments by Brian Probetts (Site Admin) Published on 14th June 2018 10:24 AM
    Posted by Peter Matheson

    I went to the Indefatigable sea school in Wales in the early sixties and then joined the Atreus a 'Blue Funnel' boat. I used to stay at the 'Sailors Home' I think it was near Canning place. It was an OK place for a poor young sailor.

    I stayed with the 'Blue Funnel' for a while, eventually being 'Shanghied' at Falmouth on the WW2 Victory ship 'Tantallus' for the far East. A happy ship as it turned out.

    I sailed with Bowaters, Shaw Savill, Hains Norse, etc. After sailing on an Aberdeen trawler fishing round the Faro Islands and my papers being left in Aberdeen, I was obliged to go to the Norwegian cosulate for a job. They gave me a job on the 'Marmorian' ex 'Marmorhave' a ship chartered to Elerman City. We ran 'Contriband' to the Arab ports. British ships at that time were not allowed there so they just used forign flag ships.

    I stayed with the Norwegians and also sailed with the Danes. I eventually got a berth on the Norwegian Passenger ship 'Song of Norway' Where I met my lovely American wife. We have now been married for fourty years and live in Scotland.

    I met a lot of nice people in my time at sea. The 'Norskies' were great folk. I also have very fond memories of the Liverpool sailors and dockers. Such a good sence of humour. I was down in Liverpool a few years ago. It broke my heart. Apart from the Alber dock it was all gone. Evey thing that I remember of what was a real sailors town.

    I remember the miles of diferent funnels all the way down the docks. Ships going all over the World. All gone now, so sad. But the memories are still sharp.

    Kind regards

    Peter Matheson
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    Default Re: From The Indefatigable to.......

    Hi Peter, I went to the "Inde" 1961 to 1963, like you I ended up on Norski ships. Earned a lot more money on them and the crew conditions were a lot better, only fault too much fish for dinner.
    Happy Days.
    Graham R774640

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