They were the hometown pride and joy,
Each a fighting soldier boy,
Who went and joined the army in the spring.

What a gallant sight they made,
In their kilts out on parade,
Beneath the warming sunshine of the spring.

And the order came in soon,
Of a great impeding doom,
They were sending them to Flanders in the spring.

All too soon those lads were gone,
Hardly time to ay so long,
The letters came from Flanders in the spring.

What a gallant charge they made,
Aye the lads in that brigade,
As they crossed the muddy fields there in the spring.

Many tears had stained the page,
Of the letters that were saved,
Of those who fell there in the trenches in the spring.

Now many years have since then passed,
And those fields grown green with grass,
That conceals the sleeping soldiers in the spring,.

Ian Adrian Millar

Lest We Forget The Seaforth Highlanders 1914-18