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19th September 2008, 12:28 PM
Did my first trip to sea on MV Amarna, Liverpool 26/05/62 to Liverpool 26/06/62, as Pantry Boy. First we went “Round the Land” to Glasgow (as the Scallies used to say) then all round the Med before bringing home a cargo of Oranges for Cyprus (I think)

Steve R777014 South Derbyshire

1st October 2008, 02:56 PM
Any chance of you starting a Moss Hutcheson Thread ?
All the best and many thanks for all you do for us ungreatfull old gits
Steve R770014 South Derbyshire

1st October 2008, 07:00 PM
Many thaks Brian
Steve R770014 South Derbyshire

john middleton
1st October 2008, 07:32 PM
Did one trip Kantara Feb55, turkey, black sea and Bulgaria(Burgas), remember the guards lining us up on deck, guns and bayonets, went ashore lovely beer, but kept our wits about us.
John Middleton (retired) just qualified for a free TV license.

john gill
29th September 2011, 08:49 PM
did my first trip on her 1955------ pantry boy. sailed from Liverpool, spent 6 weeks down the Med, sea sick and homesick for the entire voyage. One really bad memory of, on my knees scrubbing out the saloon with a bucket full of soap and vomit. she would roll on a wet sponge. i recall leaning over the side retching one day, wondering when it would get better, when the 2nd steward came along and informed me thet we'd been alongside in Alex for 4 hours and would i get back to work. Must have got it out my system, was never seasick again for the rest of my time at sea. (apart from rolling aboard after being adrift in District 6 for 2 days)

Captain Kong
30th September 2011, 03:48 PM
I did a trip on the Memphis, November/December 1960. A good little job on deck. went to Italy,Genoa, Leghorn, Istanbul, Izmir Turkey and Constanza, Rumania, same thing guards with rifles and bayonets all over the ship. didnt go ashore there.
Did a few Greek ports, in Patras I went ashore at 8am to post a letter in Georges Bar opposite the ship and he gave me a free tot, I had to buy him a tot in return then another and another ad fin.
At 6pm all hands came ashore and found George and I wallowing abouit, the bar was wrecked and I couldnt stand up. A pimp came in and took all hands to a brothel up some stairs, they dragged me along.
I saw a beautiful young lady, I chased her round the lounge and then fell down the stairs landing on top of the pimp who was walking up, he broke my fall but I broke my right thumb. I was outside and saw a locomotive and stood on the lines intending to stop the train with a fist, I had seen Popeye do it on a cartoon and so I wanted to do it. an ordinary seaman dived on me and pulled me clear. thanks lad.
I think it was ouzo I had been drinking all day, never touched it again. next port was Heraklion so I went to the Hospital , xray and then plaster on the offending thumb. That was one of the worst drunks I have ever had.

After returning to Liverpool we signed on again and then took her to Glasgow. over the New Year, what a mad place that was.
Some of the lads brought two girls back from Bettys Bar on New Years Eve. They beat up the Firemen and then beat up some of the Sailors, the mess room was wrecked, I legged it forard and slept in the rope locker, the girls then went up a deck and started beating up the Engineers, they were two savages, the worst hard cases I have ever seen. The old man called the Police with reinforcements as back up and they were fighting all the way down the gangway and into the Paddy wagon,
I have never been in Bettys Bar since.
I paid off back in Liverpool and then went on the KENT , a brand new tanker of Federal Line. A fantastic job.

30th September 2011, 04:46 PM
Great story Capt.Kong. That rattled a few memory cells. Made me grin. Tks. :D