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Neil martin
1st July 2020, 09:52 AM
Hi , I am trying to find out some missing details about her time during the war
3/4/41 -27/5/41 my grandfather was on her between these dates but his discharge book only stares
OHMS , I have the ships movement cards but one card is not there , they end in 10/1940 and restart 24/5/41 , just wondered if anyone had any info on her movements or where I can find out ,
She must have been in service as a troop ship OHMS , searched campaign records and only one that makes sense of the dates is operation Luster moving troops from Egypt to Greece on these dates
Any info would be greatly appreciated

Neil martin
1st July 2020, 10:12 AM

John Gurton
8th July 2020, 03:38 PM
Convoyweb Extras (http://www.convoyweb.org.uk/extras/index.html?src.php~exmain)


ConvoyWeb (http://www.convoyweb.org.uk/index.html?home.htm~convoymain)

Mark Keever
8th July 2020, 03:54 PM
This link, from the Arnold Hague Convoy Web data base might help a little too...

Arnold Hague Ports database (http://www.convoyweb.org.uk/ports/index.html?search.php?vessel=ORONSAY~armain)

Mark Keever
8th July 2020, 04:06 PM
As noted via Wikipedia, she must have been laid up for repairs... ( convoy WS.3B )

On 8 October 1940, Oronsay, while part of a convoy from the Clyde to Egypt carrying troops, was bombed and damaged by Focke-Wulf Fw 200 aircraft of I Staffel, Kampfgeschwader 40, Luftwaffe at a position 70 miles off Bloody Foreland, County Donegal Ireland.[8][9] According to at least one eyewitness,[8] no bombs actually hit the ship, but the engines were damaged by the blast and the rest of the convoy, with escort, sailed on. With the ship in a highly vulnerable state during a storm (which may, fortuitously, have been limiting U-boat activity in the area), the engines were restarted. Oronsay then made her way back to port without further incident, though casualties were reported.[10]