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Chris Hurren
23rd December 2018, 01:47 PM

Full Name
Christopher Hurren Discharge Book Number
R658978 Department
Deck Your Rank/Rating
Apprentice to Deck Officer Which Ships were you on and When
SS Marabank Aug. 1956 to Sept. 1958 App.
MV Streambank Nov. 1958 to May 1960 App.
MV Laganbank June 1960 to July 1960 App.
SS Hendrik Jan. 1961 to April 1961 3rd Mate.
MV Eastbank July 1961 Jan. 1962 3rd Mate.
MV Seamew Feb. 1962 to August 1962 2nd Mate.
SS Jamaica Planter Dec. 1962 to Feb. 1963. 2nd Mate. Notes:
Served Apprenticeship with Bank Line then served as 3rd Mate with Bank Line, 2ndMate with General Steam Nav. Co. and Jamaica Banana Shipping Co. until March 1963 when I left the Sea to marry my lovely wife. Still married 55 years later and remember my life in the Merchant Navy with great affection.

Doc Vernon
23rd December 2018, 09:05 PM
Welcome aboard Christopher just in time for Xmas. LOL
Thanks for joining and listing your details on our Crew lists,always nice to have new Entries
Enjoy the site

23rd December 2018, 11:40 PM
Welcome Christopher, you appear to have started your time about the same time in Bank line as a friends younger brother. My friend is/was David Young and his younger brother was I think Ronald Young but maybe wrong with the Christian name but think it started with an R. He went on to become master with Bank Line. But must have left sometime previous to the Falklands conflict as next appeared as a navigator on one of the merchant ships in the invasion fleet. Not too long after the Falklands I read his epitaph in the local paper as having died with a heart attack on the deck of a supply vessel up the Persian Gulf. Believe there are those on site who sailed with Bank Line. Regards JS

Chris Hurren
24th December 2018, 12:54 PM
Hi J. S. Thanks for your post. I didnít know your friends son, but thatís not unusual in such a large company as Bank Line. Iím hoping to share some memories and photos on the site next year. Regards from Chris Hurren

24th December 2018, 01:12 PM
He was my friends younger brother Chris, I’m not that old...yet. Another one I sailed with out of Bank Line about your time was an engineer called Norman Hutchinson an ex Belfast B special. To me he was the spitting image of that old film star Bruce Cabot if you can remember that far back. We all look forward to photos on here. Any spare Port Said ones also. Cheers JS.