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Michael Bennett
22nd October 2009, 08:15 AM
Any one sail 0n a Currie line ships, They where called the England ,Scotland ect, there Head office was in Leath, I saied on 2 of them from the Pool of London down the Med, Very small ships.

Doc Vernon
22nd October 2009, 08:27 AM
Hello Michael
Never sailed with the Line but looks like they had a few allright,and as you say small Ships!
By this they were all Coasters?
You mention the Med! etc just wondering mate! Where did you go to ! Cheers

Name of Ship
Year Built
Gross Tonnage
Type of Cargo

The following were all apparenly still in service in 1954!















Was this the Flag!

David Morris
22nd October 2009, 03:26 PM
HI Michael
I did a trip on the Ireland before she was sold. There is a photo of her both as the Ireland and her previous name I M Winck.That was her original name. She was a complete write off in Bengazi after she ran aground.
Dave Morris Vindi60

22nd October 2009, 03:29 PM
I was on the Zealand 1958,good ship good run,London,Lisbon,every second weekend London,every second weekend Lisbon.
She was my last ship before coming ashore.
Amusing incident,they signed on a AB the only gear he had was what he was wearing,one morning while in London at 0200 he knocked on my door and asked me if I would give him a hand to get a barrel of wine onboard,I told him to eff off,he tried to get some of the deck crowd to help him and got the same reply,he tried the engineers for power and again he was refused.
His intension was to get the wine onboard and set it up in the deck crowds shower room.
He had rolled a barrel of wine down the quay to our gang way and that was as far as he got.
During the forenoon the CID turned up and took him away and we never saw him again.
The bit what amused me was he said "If you dont give me ahand you are not having any"
Another job i had on her on passage to Lisbon was exercising two Greyhounds twice a day.

Michael Bennett
22nd October 2009, 09:24 PM
We used to go from London to Spain Italy Ect , Spent to much money, i was on the Ireland and the Scotland.

Terry Brown R760218
25th October 2009, 09:30 PM
Hi Michael,
At last,something about Currie Lines ! Good company to work for, I sailed on the "ENGLAND" fromJune'62 till June '63. Great ship, great times. We loaded and sailed from St Katherines Dock, usually 1st port of call was Fowey in Cornwall (ah, remember Ma's ? ) to load china Clay, then to Marseille ,then general tramping calling at various ports down the west coast of Italy Genoa,Livorno,Naples,Palermo Sicily, Palma and the usual ports in Spain on the way back.Length of trips varied i but usually anything between 2 to 5 months.Great times, happy ship,good shipmates. Cheers and happy memories.

Stuart Henderson
26th October 2009, 06:43 PM
I see from my dis/bk that I sailed on LOWLAND early in 1952 as A/S. Remember it was from the old London Docks just down the road from the old Dock Street pool Shipping Federation office but cant for the life of me remember where we sailed to, but almost certainly close continental port/s as was only onboard about three weeks. Was interested to read one of the other answers about AB & cask of wine, of course these docks were the centre of the wine trade in those days so lots of barrels and casks around. Remember on the GSNC run to Oporto the shippers used to put a small keg each trip in crew mess after one trip someone had tried to broach cargo with a drill thru huge cask of port wine, been disturbed and left very expensive cask of port draining away into bilges so shippers thought it cheaper to supply crew mess free. Bit of advice never supplement free port wine with pints of Guiness

Michael Bennett
27th October 2009, 08:48 AM
We did not call at fowly but we did call at all those other Ports , as i said no money we where ashore every night having a ball.
Mick ( Wiggy) R717162

Terry Brown R760218
27th October 2009, 03:45 PM
Hi Michael
Pity you never called at Fowey, Ma's was a late night experience, and so was the time when the galley boy and myself tried to leap aboard just as the England was casting off and we were given up for lost.We were in the usual "after Ma's visit" state, more than inebriated and slipped off the quay and wedged on the fenders. Very lucky,got hustled on to our bunks,and the following morning at sea got hauled in front of "THE MAN" Guess we all "bin there dun that" but never got in that position again. Happy memories ?? Well some were, most were--- not that one.

Michael Bennett
28th October 2009, 10:00 AM
I can remember bring great tanks of Martine back to the UK, All taps had a seal on them except one under the tanks , Martine and Barcade ever night back to the UK Paid off with one Pound . Had to sail on her again to get home next time , Geno and Naples where like Home. I think it was Naples they had the RED FLAG bar .

Loved it.
PS I was starting to think I must have been the Only person to have sailed on Currie Lins.

Terry Brown R760218
28th October 2009, 04:41 PM
Hii Michael,
Nah, ---- we are not the only two out there, bet there's many more but perhaps they have a memory problem as we all do as we get older ! You could be right about the Red Flag bar, I am sure you are, I can definitely remember the Black Cat bar in Genoa. Funny how some places stick in your mind. I can also remember the American 6th Fleet. it seemed every time we anchored off Naples awaiting a berth they were there !! The bars were always full of American sailors ( with pockets bulging with dollars ), and the friendly girls were kept happy and VERY busy too ! Think the 6th fleet always timed their stop-over to be there when we arrived, either that or they never sailed away.Greedy lads they were. I can't remember what we carried home the only thing that comes to mind is marble from Leghorn (Livorno) potatoes from Palma, Malaga, and sometimes Cartagena. Ah,--- dream on mate we will never see those days again.I have had a few cruises around the med over the last few years, not the same somehow,cruise liners look pretty but no seagoing atmosphere (they dont even feel like ships), still, better than nothing.
Terry (ex Telboy45)

alf corbyn
29th October 2009, 12:51 PM
hi terry. i was in genoa on UCL and we were drinking in a bar?, when the yanks came in. we were buying bottles of cinzano for 600 lira and the yanks were paying 200 lira a glass. when we told them about it they wouldn't let us buy drinks all night. i ended up on board one of thier ships and remember eating a bloody great steak. we ended up drinking four roses whiskey. great bunch of lads. cheers. alf:D:D

Terry Brown R760218
29th October 2009, 02:14 PM
Hi Alf, thats all I wanted to hear!! Free food AND drink? Some people had all the luck. AAAH ____ Genoa, now there's a place to remember, dont think I encountered any Yanks there I'm sorry to say, I only saw the Naval types in Naples. They were all good lads, Good Luck mate.

14th January 2011, 09:14 PM
My Dad, George Mackinlay, sailed on the Currie Line Ship, SS Rutland, after the Second World War. He is in his eighties and has been trying to get a photo of the ship for years but no luck - anyone any suggestions as he would be thrilled ifg I could find one.

Jeremy Mackinlay

15th January 2011, 08:27 AM
Try Ships Nostalgia this could be it


15th January 2011, 10:23 AM
Hi Rob (and) Jeremy )...that picture of the RUTLAND in Ship's Nostalgia (pic below)must be the 1935 built one (O.N. 164362) She was torpedoed in 1940. The caption says "Lying off Sheerness, August 1936" and is attributed to SN Member 'steamdreamer'.
Jeremy's father George must have been in the RUTLAND built 1946(ON 181172),as it was after the war when he sailed in her.She was sold onwards in 1960.
A look in George's Discharge Book at the Official Numbers should verify that it was the 1946 one,and not the 1935 one in the photograph.

Trying to find a photo of the 1946 RUTLAND....I believe a sister ship was called the ZEALAND?....
Best Regards

17th January 2011, 08:42 PM
Thanks to all those who provided input.
Yes, it was the 1946 Rutland which I think is an illusive ship to find a picture of. My Dad was going to post in Sea Breezes but I will keep looking. Thanks Jeremy

ian jack
11th August 2012, 10:23 PM
Any one sail 0n a Currie line ships, They where called the England ,Scotland ect, there Head office was in Leath, I saied on 2 of them from the Pool of London down the Med, Very small ships.

joinedthe Pineland swansea 28/1/52.paid off Liverpool 25/3/52 signed on again 8.4/52.paid off Preston 25/10/52 signed on 25/10 and finally paid off south shields 1/12/52. a good happy ship. i have just come across the crew list entering New York on charter for Nor Gulf.Capt.Cross. Capt Milligan before that. i seem to remember she went on fire in the states just before i joined her.