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Doc Vernon
2nd October 2017, 08:10 PM
Lastweek, while on the SILVER MUSE, Howard & I recalled our cruise to Scotland,Iceland & then still remote Greenland (and to obscure places like Nuuk& Disko Bay) on the ASTOR, then operated by Safmarine Lines ... It was July1985 and I joined in Kiel in Germany, Howard at Leith (Edinburgh) ... itwas a 3-week trip ... Howard returned to Leith; I debarked in Cuxhaven (forHamburg) ...

Thesedays, the 500-passenger ASTOR (built in 1981) is still about. First, she was the West German-flag ASTOR, then sailed for Safmarine and thenslipped (later in 1985) under the East German flag as the ARKONA. In 2007, she changed to ​ASTORIA for mostly charter cruising until going overto UK-based Saga Cruises, becoming their SAGA PEARL II, in 2010. But thentwo years later, the 18,500-tonner was transferred yet again -- to Saga'sSpirit of Adventure division to become the QUEST FOR ADVENTURE. But by2013, it was back to Saga Cruises itself and reverting to SAGA PEARL II.

Thephoto (from our French friend Philippe Brebant) shows the ship at Dunkirk.

5th October 2017, 11:14 AM
Is there a picture of the Eastern Queen on site and anyone know of her history Think she may of belonged to China Steam Nav. Was told she was on the market for sale about 1970. JWS

Captain Kong
5th October 2017, 11:20 AM
Here you are John, it is on google.
the Queen

5th October 2017, 11:49 AM
Thanks Brian I am only working off an iPad and although can get google dont want to mess up the pad and then mess up the computer which have been accused of in the past. In 1970 give or take 6 months on either side I was working on a ship owned by the Mullion family which I later walked off. The owner came. Onboard in Singapore and said he was thinking of buying the Eastern Queen cropping off the accomodation and converting her into a cargo carrying vessel, and asked if I was interested in going master there, The ship I was mate on at sea at the time was the Glendalough the ex Irish Elm and many names in between. As we get older and closer to the end we look back on incidents of our lives and try to get the stories in ther right perspective. Anyhow the master on the ship told me I was relieving him he was going to the EQ and I was going on the Hooghly with a 4 knot ship against a 6 knot Bore current, I told him he was full of shite. This and other many disagreements caused me to walk off in Japan and put down to experience. That was 47 years ago. There are many stories I could come out with about that one particular ship many which would sound like out of the bounds of beleivability. Thanks for the picture. Cheers JWS,,

Captain Kong
5th October 2017, 12:12 PM
MS General Mangin Later: MS President, Eastern Queen, Hizbul Bahr & Shaheed Salahuddin

These links off ghoogle show the history of that ship, she sailed out of Fremantle for a few years,.

EASTERN QUEEN - IMO 9082922 - Callsign 3FIA4 - ShipSpotting ...

EASTERN QUEEN - IMO 9082922 - Callsign 3FIA4 - ShipSpotting.com - Ship Photos and Ship Tracker (http://www.shipspotting.com/gallery/photo.php?lid=813241)

15 Jan 2009 - Information, photos and AIS vessel tracker for the Ship EASTERN QUEEN (IMO 9082922, Callsign 3FIA4, MMSI 353571000)

MS General Mangin, President, Eastern Queen - ssMaritime.com this is a good one.

MS General Mangin, President, Eastern Queen (http://www.ssmaritime.com/General-Mangin.htm)

Later: MS President, Eastern Queen, Hizbul Bahr & Shaheed Salahuddin ... General Mangin was the first of two ships ordered by Cie de Nav Fraissinet et ...

Steam Turbine EASTERN QUEEN built by William Denny & Bros in ...

Google (http://www.clydeships.co.uk/view.php?ref=15759)

Steam Turbine EASTERN QUEEN built by William Denny & Bros in 1950 for Indo-China ... EASTERN QUEEN, 191496, GBR ... Vessel type, Vessel description.

EASTERN QUEEN | Passengers in History


Historical Vessel. , Rig: Steamer, Built In: Dumbarton, Built:1950, Built By:William Denny & Bros.Ltd.

ISTG Vol 7 - Ship Eastern Queen - Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

List or Manifest of all the Passengers taken on board the Ship Eastern Queen whereof R. T. Emery is Master, from Liverpool Burthen 757 Tons. Columns ...

5th October 2017, 11:36 PM
PS to #4... The. Master. At the time was a nutter who I was asking about diplomaticly as I could as to his family name in Irish history previously. Lewis supplied the answer. This character certainly lived up to the the family reputation, my personal thoughts. Commiserations to anyone who had to sail with him. JWS

Ivan Cloherty
6th October 2017, 06:54 AM
I do hope with all that extra added accommodation aft and the modified funnel they carried out new stability and inclining tests, as South Korean ferry modifications comes to mind

6th October 2017, 07:04 AM
Ivan I know nothing about the ship and not even sure is the one . All I know is that in 1970 whilst on the ex Irish Elm was approached by the then owner. I will tell you however the one I was on was a disgrace. She was on Hong Kong articles and we had to go there as a port of refuge, so the Articles had to be closed and reopened . The owner taking the opportunity to change from Chinese to philipino. We were in Kowloon and I got called Over to the shipping office in Hong Kong, taken to one side and asked what I was doing there with a British cert. my reply making a living, he advised against re- signing on but wouldn't pay my air fare home. The lifeboats and Davits had been condemned for over a year, So had no Safety cert. you couldn't take a sounding on the ship ballast and nearly all the fuel tanks. Suspect they had been sabotaged at an earlier change of flag, suspect the North Korean flag. She was a steamship and due to loss of Water on boilers was on water rationing immediately on sailing. Between sailing from A to B you had to have worked out which ports of refuge you had available. During my time there used Capetown, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Kao-Shuing three times. Good runs ashore if you could get money, allotments weren't even being paid in the finish. As I said the list was never ending.. anda few years ago there was some one on this site saying what a good ship she was. Maybe it was him that built the bar in his wardrobe with all the optics on the bulkhead. I walked off after 11 months, there was no 2nd mate all during that time he jumped in the Kiel canal at he commencement of the voyage. After 11 months away I spent the first week in bed recuperating before getting my own job with JIJ. Added to this I had on my conscience I thought she had been lost with all hands in a typhoon for a few years, but someone again on this site told me she. Hadn't but went to the scrapyard. Which relieved me no end. Cheers JWS..

Doc Vernon
6th October 2017, 09:18 AM
May I ask politely please what is the connection on the Eastern Queen and the Original post! ??? Stumped!

vic mcclymont
6th October 2017, 09:24 AM
When Safmarine bought the Astor the original intention was to commence regular sailings between the UK and South Africa. They (Safmarine) found she was unsutable for this role and deployed her on cruising.

6th October 2017, 09:59 AM
I was tying to find out about the Eastern Queen which was purely for my own curiosity. At the time was told it was an ex China steam navigation vessel. As this post is on passenger vessels thought it the appropriate place to ask. Rather to open a new post about passenger vessels, and was answering someone's query. If you think inappropriate please go ahead and remove. Is immaterial to me. Whether on here or not. If upsetting the gist of the post please do so. Cheers JWS. Ps sorry just re read Ivan's. Post and thought it was referring to post about cropping off accomodation. Have just got in from tests for blood pressure and eyesight not too good. Tests are for the next 3 weeks or so , so had better follow doctors orders and get back on sleep abpnia machine, will be no more of getting mixed up with posts. Will look in again much much later. AR AR AR JS

Bryan Portwig
13th November 2019, 10:35 AM
29379 i hears she - astor was headed for the breakers - not sure which forum i read this on though - as my memory is on slow mode - my image is of her in safmarine livery

Bryan Portwig
20th November 2019, 01:42 PM
29406 and in a new vein - she has been sold to become the jules verne !