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Doc Vernon
25th September 2017, 09:04 PM

Forty years ago, in July 1977, I took a 12-passengerfreighter, the Santa Lucia of Prudential-Grace Lines, on a 42-day trip...
The itinerary, as I recall, read:
Brooklyn-Camden-Philadelphia-Baltimore-MoreheadCity-Charleston-Santo Domingo-Curacao-Aruba-Barranquilla-Cartagena-SantaMarta-Cristobal & the Panama Canal-Buenaventura-Guayaquil-Callao-PanamaCanal-Brooklyn

Santa Lucia
1970 transferred to Prudential Grace Lines not renamed.

Grace Line
Sailings July-December 1935 (issued July 6, 1935) for:
Santa Lucia, Santa Clara, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Santa Inez, Santa Rita
Ports of call:
New York, Havana, Kingston, Cristobal, Balboa, Buenaventura, Manta/Bahia, Guayaquil, Talara, Paita, Salaverry, Callao, Mollendo, Arica, Tocopilla, Antofagasta, Chaņaral, Coquimbo, Valparaiso

Ivan Cloherty
26th September 2017, 07:21 AM
Lovely forest of derricks to keep the deck crowd busy, now that's what you call a ship, those American running blocks were so much better than our thin plate cheek blocks which allowed the runner come off and get jambed twixt sheave and cheek