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Keith Wharton
27th February 2017, 10:42 AM

Full Name
Keith Wharton Discharge Book Number
UK000622 Department
Radio Your Rank/Rating
Radio Electronics Officer Which Ships were you on and When
Esso Clyde April 73 and July 73
Hudson Friendship May-July 73
La Estancia Aug 73
Westbury Aug-Nov 73
Silver Bridge Feb-Aug 74
Nordic Patriot Nov 74 - Apr 75
Chemical Venturer May-Jun 75
(Portishead Radio for a spell)
Fort Macleod Feb-July 76
J.V.Clyne Sep 76 - Feb 77
(Brunel College)
Fort Kamloops Jan-Jun 78
D.C.Coleman Sep-Dec 78
RMS St.Helena Jan-Mar 79
Fulmar Bravo and DB101 some time Apr-Jul 79
Free Enterprise 2 Sep-Nov 79
I.D.Sinclair Dec 79 - Mar 80
Fort Coulonge May-Sep 80
Fort Norman Nov 80-Feb 81 Notes:
Just dropped my son off at the airport on his way to Lima to join the Boudicca for his Phase 4 Deck Cadet sea time. He has more sense than I had at 1 6 and hopefully chose a proper career! Still, I doubt he'll have as much enjoyment of the shore trips as we had in the 70s...

Doc Vernon
27th February 2017, 09:01 PM
Hello Keith W
Welcome to the Crew Lists
Thank you for listing your details here
always nice to have info on all Crew

Hope you will enjoy and stay for a long time!

John Arton
28th February 2017, 01:18 PM
from your list of ships I see that you sailed on a number of Canadian Pacific ships. Did you work for them or were you employed by Redifone? who if my memory serves me correctly supplied sparkies to C.P. after Marconi left the service.
I sailed on a number of C.P. ships that you list as 2nd Mate and later Mate but don't think our paths crossed.

Keith Wharton
28th February 2017, 09:26 PM
Thanks John. As far as I remember, which isn't so clear these days, I don't think we had the pleasure. I did work directly to CP for two periods after earlier days with Kelvin Hughes as a supply sparkie like the Marconi guys, then a bit of freelancing in between. It would be great to turn the clock back and do it all again but I think it's all a bit more regulated these days so perhaps a bit less fun. Probably for the better...


Des Taff Jenkins
1st March 2017, 04:46 AM
Hi Keith.
I sailed with a Captain Wharton in 1952, any relation?
Cheers Des


Keith Wharton
1st March 2017, 11:21 AM
Hi Des, no I wouldn't have thought so. I come from a long line of knife grinders and polishers in Sheffield whose only connection with the sea would have been the works outings to Cleethorpes.