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Dennis Francis Williams
22nd January 2017, 01:54 PM
Served as Deck Apprentice on the above, commencing June 1956 until 1961 and did one voyage as uncertificated 3rd Mate on completion of apprenticeship.

I have a couple of photos of Ashburton but have lost or mislaid photos of Ajana (built 1950) I have been trying to source a photo of the Ajana to no avail.

Would be very much obliged if anyone could help.

Many thanks, Dennis Williams.

Captain Kong
22nd January 2017, 02:48 PM
PATI MV was a Cypriot cargo motor vessel of 5,527grt built in 1950 by William Hamilton & Co., Port Glasgow, England as the AJANA MV for the Australind Steamship Co. Ltd., London. In 1964 she was renamed KATE A. MV and in 1968 PATI MV for a Cypress Company
Vleggeert Nico 12/10/2008
MV Pati, a Cyprian vessel, laden with a cargo of cement, on route from the Ivory Coast to the Persian Gulf. She struck Thunderbolt reef (South Africa) in March 1976, sinking to form a colourful artificial reef, teeming with fish and interesting artefacts
It is all on google . just ask for AJANA,
Hows That Dennis.
Cheers ]

PS, I don't know why the photos are so small.

Des Taff Jenkins
23rd January 2017, 05:48 AM
Hi Dennis.
Welcome to the site, plenty to see and read on here. Post all your ships plus dates as I know there are or was blokes on site that sailed in the Ajana and the Ashburton. I knew a Glyn and Malcolm Brown, from Gorsienon Albie James who was from Swansea were on either the Ajana or the Ashburton. I sailed out of Swansea back in the 50s 60s lived in Gorsienon.
Cheers Des

Dennis Francis Williams
25th January 2017, 06:11 PM
Dear Captain Kong, Many thanks for the photos, numbers 1 & 2 don't look like the Ajana i sailed on! bur no. 3 is a possibility. Ajana had a streamlined funnel and in silhouette looked very much like a "South American Saint Line" vessel. A rumour doing the rounds alleged Australind had bought her off the stocks and fitted a less powerful engine, average speed about 12 to 13 Knots. Thanks for your efforts best wishes, Dennis.

Dennis Francis Williams
25th January 2017, 06:26 PM
Hi Des, there alot of South Wales men on those ships but I can't remember their names, there was an AB surname Williams who thinking he was clear of National Service, decided to work ashore, unfortunately he had jumped the gun and ended up in the army, he lived in Llanelli. Another AB Ralph Reading ended up becoming my brother-in-law. I married his sister. He is presently living in The Bluff in S. Island N.Z.

Thanks for the post,

All the best Dennis.

Des Taff Jenkins
26th January 2017, 05:10 AM
Hi Dennis.
The only reason I can remember a number of blokes that sailed out on Swansea is because one; the pictures and two the number of times I sailed with the same blokes mainly on tankers, and many living in close proximity to Garden Village where I was born, a small place but there were eight seamen living there alone. You being on the bridge would have picked up crews all over the place.
This picture is of some of the crew of the Ajana, I think early 50s standing left Glyn Brown, standing right Bro Malcolm,Seated left Albie James.
Cheers Des