View Full Version : Yellow perils 87 to 97

john gamble
30th March 2016, 08:54 AM
Really enjoyed the craic with freddies ,loads to like and loads to hate what better.
Ships, leicesterbrook, spesh,pamela,river trader,city,agility,amity,averity,can't remember others off hand, just remember wondering where on earth Rex Hayking was going to send me next.....

Captain Kong
30th March 2016, 11:12 AM
I did Six months on the Amity in 1952/3.

john gamble
31st March 2016, 12:22 PM
That was the old Amity ! The new one was one of four sister ships bought in from far east.think freds had two under house flag and managed one other,one was the mv christian originally if my memory serves, mv Natalie rings a bell somewhere also ,the two i knew were the amity and averity , both rolled like pigs....running from milford on west coast and cant remember exactly where we went on east coast , hartlepool comes to mind,and seaham possibly .Adrian Craggs was father.noisy wee buggers , couldn't hear the tv in the mess when pumping parcels, one came with cockroaches built in , and tother had red ants !
Both had toilets that were kiddy sized . Had some time in Belfast getting bearings changed on gearbox as something had broken up so both forrard shafts and the astern shaft had to be brought up from engine room flat , through accommodation and lowered from poop deck over the side into back of a pickup,much fun and games as they weighed in at at least a half ton each...ho hum..

Captain Kong
31st March 2016, 01:08 PM
The old Amity was an `Empire` tanker from Singapore, built around 1946.
We all had single berth cabins, very good for those days, 1952,good runs, MSC and Heysham to Dublin, Belfast, The Isla of Man, and Ardrossen to the Western Isles, Kyles, Stornoway, Orkneys and Shetlands, then from Aberdeen around the Scottish coast and then in and out of the Thames to the east coast and then the Jersey Guernsey run for the summer months. She was a good little job,
Captain Clarke, in the Summer holidays he had his beautiful daughter on board, 17 same age as me, in Jersey and Guernsey he would give me a fiver, [a lot of money then] and tell me to take his daughter ashore and entertain her. He then got me by the throat and said, "Lay one finger on her and will rip you goolies off and shove them down your throat," I was terrified, She could understand why I would not hold her hand as we walked along the beaches. My fear of death at his hands was greater than my love for her. He did have a gun, he shot at one of the ABs who was trying to attack me, and put a hole in the funnel.
A good ship, I was sad to leave her as I had been away for six months.