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Captain Kong
28th December 2015, 07:16 PM
Does anyone know what ship our Happy Daze John has sailed on ??
The "new" Pacific Eden ex STATENDAM, of P&O has docked back in Sydney with 180 cases of Novo Virus on board.
The cruise was horrible according to the passengers.
I was on STATENDAM this year on the circle Pacific cruise, now it is the Pacific Eden.

Peter F Chard
28th December 2015, 08:26 PM
" Pacific Eden '' was on our short list for a South Pacific cruise -- P & O have spent millions on this and two other old cruise ships for cruising in this neck of the woods. Regards Peter in NZ.

Captain Kong
28th December 2015, 11:25 PM
I have never sailed on a P&O cruise ship, never ever fancied them.
I sailed for many years on the Cunard fleet but when they flagged out the service went out with it. so for the last five years have always sailed the Pacific cruises with Holland America, which I find is the best.
I am off again on Sunday on the Amsterdam from Miami to the Pacific Islands, NZ, Melbourne Sydney, Queensland coast and Reef, Darwin, Bali, Java, to Hong Kong .

Peter F Chard
28th December 2015, 11:48 PM
I have a cousin in Vancouver who is in the fortunate position of having a wife who worked for Air Canada. She has a lifetime concession card for cheap travel which covers cruise ships, airlines, hotels, car rentals, the lot. And they make full use of it. Their favourite cruise line is Holland America although for sheer luxury they say that the Italian "Silver Seas " organisation is outstanding ( if you can get a booking !! ) Regards Peter in NZ.

Evan Lewis
29th December 2015, 12:03 AM
Bon ! Voyage.

Will you be accessing the, Gold Coast, this year Capt.? Note: Qld. Coast and Reef,that indicates Cairns, Port Douglas, perhaps.?
Was hoping to share ,"An Ale or Three." If so.


29th December 2015, 12:15 AM
Brian sent you a calendar last week. If doesn't get before you leave perhaps Uthere will take it in for you. Have a good trip. Cheers JS ps put your neighbours name up and the astericks appeared, just looked again and have gone. JS

29th December 2015, 06:12 AM
The Pacific Eden is the same ship that I posted the other day that 2 elderly friends had been on and complained about all the toilets being awash, and said they had never seen so much bad hygiene on a ship. They must have been the first of thousands of complaints about the same. Shows there are still bad standards out there, and rip offs galore. Just look at the price of petrol here in Australia 32 dollars a barrel, when it was 140 dollars a barrel it was the same price at the bowser. Another rip off. These government ruling bodies into the fair trading practices are a waste of time and should be disbanded and save some money on the uselessness of spending on such. See there are also 2 of the front bench of Turncoats party resigned, another breakdown of government people who exceed their authority. Another one in todays paper the British Govt. wants to come out of the human rights re military action enforced on them by Brussels as soldiers are being sued via the government for doing their job and killing the enemy. Why have they waited all these years to realize they are being done over by a bunch of spivs. I don't have any great allusions to 2016 being any different than the previous 5 or 6 years when one looks at the incompetency of what we have as so called government working on their peoples behalf. Was refreshing last night to watch the Foreign Minister answer back to a nosey journalist trying to put him on the spot on why Hungary had closed its borders, the first answer giving should have closed the prying questions when he answered the people of Hungary wanted it. That is a proper politician not the wimps we get stuck with. Cheers JS Must apologise for going off the subject in hand but just put the paper down and was a bit incensed at the idea of British soldiers being sued for doing their job so well, also by a readers letter re the price of petrol. Re the passenger ship I have friends going back to Tilbury on the Astor which only carries about 700 passengers, on first appearance looks a nice vessel, not like some of them which bear a remarkable resemblance to the sheep boats which run out of Fremantle regularly. Hope at least she doesn't run around with blocked toilets for 6 weeks. Cheers JS

Captain Kong
29th December 2015, 09:04 AM
I was on the , what is now , Pacific Eden, in February and March this year under Holland America, she was a lovely ship and very well run, British Captain, Dutch Mates and engineers. Excellent catering Staff.
I was also on her in 2013, a great ship.
That is why I do not sail with P&O they must have cut a lot of corners and made it all cheap and nasty.
Hi Even,
our Itinery for the Queensland Coast is............
from Sydney.
Hamilton Island, in the Whitsundays,
Cairns............................................ ..............is Tuesday February 16
Sherrard Island,
then round to Darwin
Thanks for the offer, if you are around, the Ship is the `AMSTERDAM`, H.A.L. be good to meet uip , we haven't been to Cairns before.
Hi John,
He is called `Hey you` not `Uthere`, but that is also a good name for him. I will try it on him next time I see him.
He thinks that `Hey you` is the English translation for Feisal.

Louis the fly
29th December 2015, 10:30 AM
Once all ship discharges went directly into the sea. Toilets, showers, hand basins etc. emptied simply by the force of gravity. This very rarely went wrong but if it did was quickly fixed by a blast from the wash down hose. I have never heard of a case of wide spread sickness on the old passenger liners.
Today with anti pollution laws in place waste in collected in treatment tanks, labelled grey water and black water. Hidden under deckhead and bulkhead panels are pipes which operate by a vacuum system, Evac. When this goes wrong it can cause major problems, blocked pipes can lead to whole decks being without working toilets as the vacuum is lost, toilets can overflow into cabins and alleyways. The biggest culprit is women flushing away Tampax which swell in the pipes. Trying to find the blockage is far from easy as it could be anywhere in the system. Sometimes closing all the valves in the tankroom letting the vacuum build up then just opening the valves on the affected decks works, if not the panels must come down while surrounded by angry passengers demanding it be fixed immediately.

29th December 2015, 11:41 AM
Put **** and the astericks came up that's why changed. Cheers JS PS as you see astericks are back if put up H-E-Y-U they appear, without the - between. Big bro. must be watching JS

29th December 2015, 11:52 AM
#9... Louis had the same problem on an old Victory boat carrying passengers. Was traced to small air pipes which came out on both the sides of the Bridge housings which had been painted over, over the years, once they were cleaned out the problem was solved. Every pipe which has fluid running through apparently has to be vented somewhere, or so they say. Cheers JS

Jim Brady
29th December 2015, 12:04 PM
Yes the old style toilets were soon cleared by the old trusty plunger.The ships plumbers,sorry Sanitary Engineers hated to be seen carrying a plunger so they had them planted throughout the ship in the deckhead inspection panel outside every toilet block,no en-suite then.

Peter F Chard
29th December 2015, 08:21 PM
Louis Your # 9. One of my tactics for keeping the junior engineers under control when I was Inter 2nd. engineer on the Northern Star was to give them a sewage pump to overhaul when they blocked up, ( if they were naughty ) The most common items causing the blockage -- knickers, bras, sanitary items and condoms -- in that order. Regards Peter in NZ.

Des Taff Jenkins
30th December 2015, 03:57 AM
Hi Brian.
I think that Pacific Eden might have already been cruising when John went.
Cheers Des

Louis the fly
30th December 2015, 10:59 AM
#13 That is amazing Peter the same woman who was flushing her bras and knickers down the toilets on the Northern Star must still be alive today and causing mayhem on the cruise ships.