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Andy Fraser
13th July 2015, 08:35 AM
My first ship was the BenLomond in the mid 70s and had a wonderfull time after joining in Hull for a short coastal. Great bunch of guys. Stayed with Ben Line for a few years then went on to work for various companies. It was not great all the time as i remember the Doran had a couple of nasty characters in the form of a 3rd Engineer and a 2nd Leckie. They were not all Halcyon days for some of us.

Ivan Cloherty
13th July 2015, 09:00 AM
Andy welcome aboard, went to sea some 20+ years prior to yourself and the crews in the most were very good as most of them had seen horrific things in the war years, so bad apples were soon sorted out internally on board, and normally within their own departments. But on the whole most men you sailed with were a pleasure to be aboard with and there were always one or two characters, although they didn't know they were!

We look forward to hearing about your experiences, the voyage is not always smooth as we hit a couple of storms (in a teacup) now and again but as when aboard the messroom/saloon is a place for exchanging views and the atmosphere is sometimes hotter than the food, but calm waters are always ahead and a tinny shared.

Doc Vernon
13th July 2015, 10:00 PM
Hello Andy
Good to have you here with us all,hope that you enjoy the site and when you can,please do add your details to our ever growing Crew List!