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Doc Vernon
8th July 2015, 11:40 PM
Rocketship X-M (Expdition Moon) was yet another of the good ones that I really enjoyed,i saw it in the original B&W Version first,which was good,but must say when it was brought out in Colour made it so much better Viewing!
I just loved the wrinkled expressions on the Astronaughts faces when the blast off took place,so real with the force of Gravity in play!
Great Movie



happy daze john in oz
9th July 2015, 05:43 AM
Was that the one Vernon wshere they had to dump all the items on board to get off the moon and return to earth, the thing was too heavy?

Doc Vernon
9th July 2015, 05:52 AM
Not that I recall John!
This is part of the story the end part!

The return voyage proves disastrous. The RX-M manages to make it back to Earth, but the survivors calculate they have inadequate fuel remaining for a safe landing. Col. Graham contacts their White Sands base by radio and reports their dire status to Dr. Fleming (Morris Ankrum), who listens intently and wordlessly over his headphones. Col. Graham's report is not heard, but Fleming's subtle reactions tells of the crew's odyssey, their discovery on Mars of a once advanced civilization destroyed long ago by atomic war, and of the crew fatalities at the hands of its descendants reverted to barbarism.

The RX-M begins its uncontrolled descent and Col. Graham and Dr. Van Horn embrace while consoling one another in the remaining moments left to them. Through the crew cabin's large porthole, they bravely watch their very rapid descent as the RX-M crashes into the mountains of Nova Scotia. The press is later informed by a shaken Dr. Fleming that the entire crew has perished. When asked if their mission was a failure, he responds with confidence and conviction in his voice, stating that all theories about manned spaceflight and exploration have now been proven. He continues, underscoring the point that a dire warning has been received that could very well mean the salvation of humanity, "A new spaceship, the RX-M-2, begins construction tomorrow." The pioneering exploration begun by the first RX-M's heroic crew will continue; this is only the beginning.