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John Richardson
2nd May 2009, 12:48 PM
The Esso Preston was a coastal tanker, specifically designed for the bitumen trade (all the tanks had steam heating coils) although she carried other cargo as well at times. She was powered by a beautiful 'up and downer' of 1350 IHP and was the only proper ship I ever sailed on with this form of propulsion. She was very reliable (compared to a lot of other ships I was on in ESSO!) but a bit slow - on one occasion I went down on watch as we were passing North Foreland lighthouse and when I came off again 4 hours later, we were still not past Dover! - it was a bit rough though. I was on her in the early part of 1968 - is there anyone else who has memories of her from around that time?
Best regards to all,
John Richardson

Doc Vernon
3rd May 2009, 04:18 AM
Hi John P
Just thought that this would bring back the memories!
I am sure with a bit of time there will be someone who may have sailed with you on her!


Colin Hawken
3rd May 2009, 11:27 AM
I wasn't on her but was on the Esso Ottawa. Coaster as well.much smaller (90 tons) from Jan 1957 to Sept1958. We had a lot of fun.In those days the Coasters were run by the Inland Distribution Dept. The Dept. that ran the tanker lorries.What did lorry drivers know about ships? We got away with blue murder until sometime early in 1958 when Marine Department took over. You couldn't fool Master Mariners,they'd done and heard it all before. It was great fun while it lasted. I quit in Sept.1958.:D