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william gardner
10th January 2014, 07:21 PM
on the rubens and rossetti we had a fridge hatch from BA went to place called la plata two big meat plants one called swifts and armour star loaded chilled sides of beef herds of cattle went in the back of the plants out came the sides went ashore loads of argentina cow boys called gouchos wild men in a bar they had knives and whips looked like out of a movie one said you englay yeh i said ok you like our meat I say best in the world slapped im back you have drink with us great affternoon i was a bit scared to be honest wild men remember the port anybody?:rolleyes:

Jim Brady
10th January 2014, 08:26 PM
Rosario went up there on the Eastbury,I was galley boy, the mate asked me if I fancied some overtime whilst heading up the River Plate from B.A. to Rosario.Yes I worked the overtime cleaning the hatches getting amongst the stringers with a hand brush to get rid of the previous cargo of soda ash,was'nt it Rosario where we picked up grain.

william gardner
10th January 2014, 08:51 PM
you got me thinking now was the meat plants in rosario or la plata

Mike Hall
11th January 2014, 10:31 AM
Rosario was grain
La Plata was meat

John Arton
11th January 2014, 11:40 AM
C.P. had one of their Panamax bulkers stuck in Rosario throughout the Falklands war and according to the lad I knew who was on it, they had a pretty grim time. They were there to load grain for Russia.They all were under armed guard living in the lounge as the Argies reckoned they would scuttle the ship to block the port. apparently the only light relief they got when the Argies got wind of watching the ships budgie which each night would walk along the bar top drinking out of the Chief Stewards g & t until it got pissed and fell over. The radio room was sealed so they had no communication with the outside world. The Argies used some fierce Marines to guard them at first but these were later replaced by some easier going regular or conscripted soldiers.
Once it was obvious that the Argies had/were losing the war they were released and sailed under armed guard empty and shortly after dropping the pilot they were going flat out for deep water when the Argies apparently told them to return for some reason or other but the skipper ignored them and just kept going, fortunately with no consequences for disobeying their orders.

John Albert Evans
11th January 2014, 05:24 PM
I went to La Platta a few times in the mid/late 1950's. I was galley boy on the San Fernando an Eagle Oil Tanker. I do remember the meat packing factory well. We used to go there and the workers showed us around the place, at the end of the tour we were given a box of tinned meat. I cann't remember the name though, it was either Fray Bentos or Armour Star. I think I do remember that a single railway line came from who knows across the horizion where carrying hundreds of cows and off loading them in pens at the factory and loads of gauchos on horseback herding them into the factory plant alive at one end and when they cam out the other end they were in tins.
It was very nice corned beef, I still like it to this day.

John Albert Evans.

Dennis McGuckin
12th January 2014, 05:22 PM
Same memories John.
I can still smell it.

12th January 2014, 05:51 PM
JohnAE, I-we too like the Fray Bentos corned dog still eat it today always put it in the fridge before we serve it so much easier to slice. Bloody opening system should be improved though.As well we both enjoy their steak & kidney or steak & mushroom pies usually eating one each. We always had the last two on board our boats when cruising as they make for a top easy meal in rough weather, always served with mash spuds & garlic + carrots (:
I always wondered if the cattle know they are headed for the end? It is unpleasant to see them all awaiting their turn to head off to be shot with that ram gun. Someone told me once that if they are all tense knowing their meat is not as tender, do not know if that is true?

alf corbyn
12th January 2014, 06:14 PM
I think there were two ports la plata and fray bentos. I went ashore in fray bentos and took my racing bike for a ride and had lots of local lads interested in it. the meat plant was owned by vesty's as was blue star line, dalgetties and Eldorado ice cream and hammets and Dewhurst's the butchers.

Jim Brady
12th January 2014, 08:49 PM
I think it was La Plata where the fly's wore boots they were big and could even bite if I remember.The cook said to me,make sure these cloths are well washed out when you finish.The end of the day I put them in the sink with soda ash and the old brown soda soap.steam pipe in sink for heating water,gave it a good blast and water was boiling good style.Spotless I gave them a good rinsing out nice and clean for the next day.However in the morning I walked into the galley with a hangover the cook grabbed me by the back of the neck with one hand and with his other hand rubbed this cloth full of maggots into my face.I could not believe that a bluebottle could lay it eggs and they could turn to maggots overnight.I knew it was'nt my fault it's no use arguing,we used to leave out bacon egg sausage etc for the night watchmen obviously they had used the cloths.Dock Sud (South Dock)B.A.what was that place all about,i remember the tin hut bars down the dirt track.

Dennis McGuckin
13th January 2014, 05:10 PM
Hi leretty,In my experience. If the animal is bled quickly, the meat should be fine, regardless of stress.
However. It is better not to run or excite them.[or yourself]

13th January 2014, 07:14 PM
the problem with an animal that realises it is about to die is it releases the fight or flight hormone adrenaline into its bloodstream .Meat's flavour is dependent on many things - the way the animal was fed, the way it was raised, the fat content of its meat, and the way, after slaughter, the meat was conditioned and matured. But chemical analysis of muscle tissue now shows that a key factor is stress. Excite or frighten an animal - or a human being - and blood, adrenaline and other hormones will rush to muscles, getting them ready for action. This will alter the acid levels in the meat, affecting the colour, the taste and the texture. The technical term for beef that's been damaged by this sort of stress is 'dark cutting meat', because of the distinct colour and texture. Kill it softly like the Japanese do with Waygu cattle , improves , the flavour , that bee massage does them well