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14th March 2013, 09:08 AM
just wondered if anyone was on the Canberra maiden voyage I think it would have been late 50s 0r early 60s i cant remember wot ship I was in only she was an old banger along came this bloody great thing within about 1000 yards away like a steam train i can remember lots of what you big ship men call bloods waving and looking down to us she certainly looked smart but never fancied big ships we were off the lizard or there abouts still remember clearly today regards cappy

Keith Moody
15th March 2013, 01:11 AM
yes cappy, I was on the maiden voyge of her, had a fantastic time in every port we visited, after Acadia she was almost a luxury to work on and the european crew quarters were all double berthed with wooden furniture and a sink, if i remember rightly each cabin had a porthole. pure luxury after the 10 in the cabin on Acadia.
I joined Canberra on the 3rd May1961 paid off 5th sept 1961, managed to accumalate 362 hours of overtime, and all at 4 shillings an hour!!!! after the last dinner service we would change into civvies and go to the tourist end for a spot of dancing and romancing (and before any of you say it, no not with each other) a friend of mine used to be a tourist public room server and would warn us if any of the officers or night watchman were in the area then we would dive into the heads until they had left. my cabin mate and i went ashore in long beach and somehow got mixed up with the international beauty parade, this was the british contingent, we ended up at some hotel at a teriffic party that went on all night, i got back to the ship just in time to serve breakfast but my cabin mate was long gone and i never did see him again, so i ended up with a cabin of my own.
keith moody

Roger French
15th March 2013, 03:49 AM
Not MV Canberra - steam turbo-electric!

15th March 2013, 07:54 AM
Propulsion: Main: Two British Thompson Houston (AEI) synchronous three-phase, 6,000 volt air-cooled electric motors providing 85,000 hp (63,000 kW); power supplied by two 32,200 kW steam turbine driven alternators; twin propeller
Auxiliary: Four steam turbines, each driving a 1,500 kW, 440 V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz alternator and a tandem driven 300 kW exciter for the propulsion alternators Looks like SS to me

15th March 2013, 08:11 AM
suppose wasn't to far off wwhen I said she was going like a steam train was in a sts tanker once like the proverbial xxxxof astick neverseemed to be at sea didn't like it regards cappy