View Full Version : british army to return fro Germany

Keith Tindell
6th March 2013, 01:44 PM
I see that the government is closing the bases in Germany and bringing the troops home. What the hell were we doing in Germany anyway, they are the wealthiest country in Europe, calling all the tunes in the EU, and we have troops there, surely it cannot be because of a threat from the Soviet block. If it is why cannot Germany guard it with its own troops?. We have been making troops redundant, no naval ships to speak of, cannot see us putting fear into anyone, just my thoughts KT

Captain Kong
6th March 2013, 02:14 PM
It has been costing us Billions and making Germany richer. at last they are seeing a bit of sense.

John Pruden
6th March 2013, 02:43 PM
put them on the boarder control armed:pjp

6th March 2013, 02:47 PM
I expect we are safe from Mrs Merkel , maybe we should move them to Paris

Jim Brady
6th March 2013, 03:47 PM
Philip Hammond Defence Secretary said the Armed Forces cannot sustain any further cuts and demanded that the welfare bill is reduced instead.So once again we take the money off the most needy instead,so OK we are having trouble paying for the upkeep of our Armed Forces.Today William Hague has promised Syrian rebels armoured vehicles and body armour,I thought we could'nt afford the upkeep of our own army.What is he doing getting involved in this,the other night on the TV I seen some of these rebels,they were masked up definitely ****** jihadist which will come back to haunt us.

6th March 2013, 04:19 PM
My understanding was that the Army was not there to protect Germany but to ensure that any land conflict with the former Soviet Union would be faught on German soil rather than ours. Not a bad idea at the time really considering the likely use of battfield neuclear weapons . Why we kept them there once the threat was over I am not quite sure , perhaps because of the historical reluctance of the British public to allow a large army on UK soil , perhaps because of deals with the USA

Keith at Tregenna
6th March 2013, 05:09 PM
Twice bitten and all that: History would suggest that much care is taken ?


Captain Kong
6th March 2013, 06:15 PM
I saw William Vague after PMQT at 1230 today. So far we have spent over 200,000,000 on aid to the Islamics fighting in Syria.
We are broke , making cuts and this idiot is giving all our money away, The Islamics in Syria a few weeks ago said when they take over they will kill all the Christians and other none believers.
Under ASSAD he may have been tough with his people but in the Middle East that is normal for the rulers.
Christians had a part in his Parliament. now they are going to suffer death at the hands of the Islamic Jihad, does the Idiot Vague want their blood on his hands?.
The war in Syria is all part of the Islamisation of as many countries as possible., from Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and other countries in sub Sahara, Mali, Chad northern Nigeria and many others to come. It is all backed and financed by the Wahabis in Saudi Arabia, the most Extreme of Extremist ******s.
The Saudi Royal Family, the rulers of Saudi Arabia are terrified of the Wahabis.
They use Oil Money to finance, back, train, and weapon Al Queda, the same as are killing our troops in Afghanistan, Islamic Jihad and many other factions and splinter groups who are fighting to turn Syria and Afghanistan into extreme Islamic States.
After Syria , ??? what then, Turkey??? a foothold then into Europe. World War Three has started, but William Vague is so stupid , he knows nothing. The other day he was in Mali sticking his nose in where it does not belong.
Again a war there backed by the Wahabis and Islamic Jihad and Al Queda.
When will Politicians ever learn.??

Keith at Tregenna
7th March 2013, 03:14 AM
History has proven that man will always be at war, which is why we need bases overseas to insure we have the ability to defend ourselves.

Is their waste overseas? Yes, a lot of bases can be shut down (and they have been) but pulling out completely is stupid.

Once bitten, twice shy - third time lucky ? and with no MN.

History has a habit of repeating itself: 1939: Germany invades Poland

German forces have invaded Poland and its planes have bombed Polish cities, including the capital, Warsaw.

The attack comes without any warning or declaration of war.


Louis the Amigo
7th March 2013, 01:41 PM
Hi Shipmates, our brave troops home from Germany? Will cost min 19 million for homes for our service familys A House of lords debate on t.v , 2 days ago A Lib/ dem peer said { this money should be spent on Asylum seekers} We fight terrorist in one country and support terrorist in another ? The so called Arab spring is no good for any western country, they want to go back to the dark ages. No education or rights for women again and foreign cheap labour slaves to do the work. The U.K government is not fit for purpose giving away British troops equipment to terrorist groups. who kill they own people.