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Alfred Lee
13th December 2008, 04:48 PM
I served as 4th Engineer on the SS TAPAJOS in the mid 1950s. That ship has never been listed in the Lamport & Holt ships, she was registered in Panama perhaps that is why. I am searching for photos of the TAPAJOS and would welcome any information.

Alf Lee

alf corbyn
15th December 2008, 12:32 PM
hi alf. i was on the washington star ex lamport and holt i think blue star had other l&h ships perhaps this might help. cheers. alf corbyn

Mike Hall
15th December 2008, 04:15 PM
here is a site that may be able to help you.
www.bluestarline.org (http://www.bluestarline.org) .
they also have ships of lamport and holt on site.
just click on log book and ask your question.
i am sure someone can help.

Glyn Jones
12th March 2009, 08:59 PM
Hi Alf, Bit of info for you. She was a steamship built in 1944 by Foundation Maritime Ltd of Picton Nova Scotia as LISCOMB PARK for Park Shipping of Montreal, 1948 renamed SAINT MALO; 1951 to Panama Shipping Corp Ltd and bareboat chartered to LandH as TAPAJOS; 1955 to A/S Auctor Bergen renamed ORLAND; 1964 to Cia de Nav. Fortitudo Line Monrovia renamed SAGITTA; 1964 to Cia de Nav. Pintamar Monrovia renamed SFINGE;1966 to Cia de Nav. General Monrovia;1969 to Somali Republic Register named SIRIO;1971 renamed SUERTE; 18:5:1972 broken up at Trieste. Hope this helps, sorry no pics. Cheers Glyn.:cool:

Ron Hamilton
2nd January 2012, 11:53 AM
Hi Alf , It was definitely all 'down hill' for the old girl after you left her . Ron

Bob Hay
20th February 2012, 12:31 AM
All you old Lamport and Holt guys might be interested in a book of the company's fleet and history.
You wouldn't believe I picked it up in a second hand book shop in Busselton Western Australia last year.
Its called, 'Lamport and Holt' by P.M.Heaton. Published by The starling Press, Risca, Newport, Gwent.
ISBN O 9507714 6 5 and it sold for 12 pounds in 1986 (I got it for A$15)
I noticed inside the cover it had belonged to some bloke L.W. Turner from Williams in W.A. whom I tried to contact without luck. He might have been ex L + H.

Tony Wilding
20th February 2012, 02:06 AM
ss tapajos, ex liscom park.8723