View Full Version : Orsova (Last trip).

Allan James Chambers
6th January 2012, 10:31 PM
Hi,I was on the last trip of the Orsova.

We left southampton on a 3 week cruise to the West Indies on the 3rd November 1973.

I was a utility steward on board in Cabin No 203 with 7 others.

The names if i remember were Vic,Paul,Sid,Barry,Alan,Phil,Dave.

I remember the was a Harry in the plate room.

The trip was ended back in Southampton on 25th November 1973.

Barry (my cabin mate) was stabbed on board and died the next day.
I think this was reported in the News of the World.

Looking for information on anything concerning this trip, people names pictures etc.
Yours Hopefully.
Allan James Chambers.

Neil ( Bob ) Whitmore
21st January 2012, 01:41 AM
Hi Alan

I was running the 1st Class restaurant on the final cruise.

We were in Barbados with the Royal Yacht.

It was very sad about the stabbing on her final cruise.

Captain Peter Love was in command.