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Reg Kear
8th November 2008, 06:03 AM
November 11th.

Long has young heart in troubled times searched restlessly in boyish dream
For respite from bleak humdrum life, they yearned to surge with flowing stream
Of heady distant enterprise, with music, drums, and marching beat
That thrums with vibrant melody of Nation's fame, not yet complete.

As youth, they’ve seen and heard the cry that raised the heart with heated song
And taken hard by spirit's hand have followed throb of beaten drum;
They’ve watched as iron eked the soul from blood, and sinew, and young eye,
To find that foe, ensnared the same, did heed the same, impassioned lie.

Stone glory waits for eager heart that grasps at thorn of nation's cry
Of perfidy in different hues, or slighted cross in days gone by
Their due: a bugle’s muted solemn cry to pierce the feeble morning sun
That sanctifies the futile act and ratifies delusive tongue.

How still the voice of youthful dreams, how silent now the ardent pleas
For reason, in the face of shame which quenched the life from such as these.
They simply stirred to marching beat of nation's drum, and leader's call
For sacrifice, for honour's sake, for pride to go before their fall.

The drum beats now with muffled head while measured tread with halting pace
Bears witness to each widow's song that keens in silent stricken face.
Just memory now young lover's eyes and faint the taste of parting kiss;
Just faded image, left for kin, in treasured place, where mothers wish.

Reg Kear
Australia 1992

David Williams
9th November 2008, 10:03 PM
Dear Reg.
Read your poem "November 11th",very moving,but at the same
time very enjoyable.

Dave Williams (R583900)

Reg Kear
10th November 2008, 03:12 AM
Thanks for the comment Dave, nostalgia is thought of as 'the pain of remembering' and never more so than November 11th.



Doc Vernon
10th November 2008, 09:18 AM
Hi Reg,
Well you do it all the time mate,and as always again brilliant!
Very nice for the 11th Nov.
We will always remember!

Reg Kear
10th November 2008, 12:42 PM
Thanks Vernon. The great shame is that the reasons for poems like this still exist and would seem set to continue. The greater pity is that poems like this are written in the lee of humanity's duplicity and do not change the world or its inhabitants.

Lest We Forget.

Reg Kear.

Reg Kear
11th November 2008, 01:56 AM
I agree it seems that our leaders are bent on repeating history all the time to resolve problems at the expense of human lives. Les

Very true Les, I think this may be because of the different prisms we are given in the early days. We have what amounts to Tweedledum & Tweedledee offered up as a leader and we buy one. The problem is we think of him or her as a leader while they think of themselves as owners. So who owns what in a monetary based society?

Then they keep scaring the children with the bogey man concept and we are sold down the river again with GST, Poll tax, double dipping tax on taxes on petroleum products, tightening our belts and a rocky road ahead..?? whatever that means -- and so it goes.. So what's the score in Iraq now...? If we listen to them they say we are winning - but what are we winning...? another ten million or so enemies which cost us a few thousand kids... Is that a good deal... I dunno..