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Jacyn Wade
27th September 2011, 01:44 AM
Anyone familiar with the Ivernia? I don't know what shipping company she was with. My father, Ron Wade, sailed on her to Canada in 1958, probably as a passenger but I'm not sure. The record I've found shows his occupation as a Diver, which he was. He had his Master Diver's Certificate but I don't know if the Ivernia was a vessel that had need of divers. Is it standard practice to have divers aboard all ships?

Anything anyone can tell me would be helpful. Thanks, gents!

Doc Vernon
27th September 2011, 06:03 AM
Hi Jacyn
The following Link has quite a bit of info on the Ivernia!
She was a Cunard Line Ship!

RMS Ivernia Ship History (http://www.thecunarders.co.uk/Ivernia%20History.html)



Nice Image here!

Captain Kong
27th September 2011, 08:27 AM
Hi Jacyn.
The Ivernia did not carry Divers as members of the crew. She was a passenger liner, one of Four.
I sailed on the Carinthia, identical sister, They started sailing out of Liverpool to Montreal in the mid 50s. The four sisters providing a weekly service, with trips to New York, then when the old ships were scrapped, and in the off St Laurence season.
Then as trade slowed down she was converted for Cruising with a name change, I think , Franconia. and so on until scrapped under another name, maybe Russian.