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Henry Davidson Low
3rd June 2011, 12:31 PM
I was 55 years old last monday and I just found out about this site 3 days ago I also have to see how everything works yet to start off I was on the ability in 1973

Doc Vernon
3rd June 2011, 09:46 PM
Hi Henry
Would just like to give you a warm Welcome to this very good site!
Here you will find lots of info,a good Crew here and with luck also find a few old Shipmates!
So sit back grab a Tinny,relax and just enjoy the trip!
Hope we will have you here for a long time! Have a happy stay!


Vernon (castleman)

Happy belated 55th mate!

17th July 2011, 09:42 PM
I have just latched on to this site as well so Hi to you all. I must apologise for one thing however I am ex Royal Navy. Sorry about that.
My interest though and why I nipped into the Everard thread is that I have been researching the old now defunct diesel manufacturer of Sirron diesels, the Newbury Diesel Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of FT Everard.
I have been doing this for a while mainly because when my father was alive he worked post war testing the marine diesels before they left for whatever ship they were to be installed in. Additonaly though I felt the Sirron name was disappearing into the sunset and wanted to preserve as best as possible both for the marine and our local history.
I would invite some of the Everard's crew amongst you to have a look at the project to date and perhaps let me have the benefit of your experiences with Sirron diesels and the high speed four strokes.
I guess it's OK to post a link, the site is not for profit, no adverts and any links have been checked by me as OK. If I'm not allowed to link, please let me know mr moderator.
Newbury Diesel Company (http://rowifi.com/ndc/index.html)