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graham wignall
9th May 2011, 01:00 AM
Ships Name and Service RecordFull Name
Graham Wignall Discharge Book Number
R617928 Department
Catering Your Rank/Rating
Cabin Boy, Asst.Steward,Waiter,Writer Ships

M.V. Interpreter 1954 -1955 (first ship)

S.S. Empress of France 1955

M.V. Roscoe 1956

M.V. Raeburn 1956

M.V. Romney 1957

Empress of Britain 1957

Rangitata 1957 -1958

M.V. Salamanca 1958

Oronsay 1958

M.V. Salinas 1959

Empress of England 1959

Pretoria Castle 1959

Empress of France 1960

M.V. Britannic 1960

M.V. Accra 1960 - 1961

Ray Miller
10th April 2016, 09:45 PM
I was on the "Rangitata" A/S Jan 57 - Oct 57. First on Rangitata trip with Anthony Eden on board and a mate of mine John Prescott, we did 'Kids Mess Together" were you a winger ? Ray Miller now live in Auckland NZ.

Doc Vernon
10th April 2016, 09:54 PM
Hello Graham
My late Brother was on the Pretoria in (June to End August) 1958 as well,also a Winger in Tourist Class! But the Year is different so may be no!
Wonder if you may have known him at all!? Long Shot.

We used to hang out at the old Juniper Berry in Southampton a lot,and also down the Checkpoint Coffee Bar down the Stairs! LOL
All the good chicks used to hang out down there! Oh boy those were the days!

Tall Chap Dark hair always very prim and proper, most called him Ian,some just Mac
Had quite a distinctive Adams Apple ,and had a bit of a Stutter at times,not all the time though!
Name was Ian Gregory MacDonald a South African Lad!
I was also at Sea then but on other Castle Ships,as Winger as well.Also on the Round Africa Run (Intermediate Run)

Doc Vernon
10th April 2016, 09:56 PM
Hello Graham
Welcome the site and thank you for listing your details and Ships
Always nice to have new Crew aboard!
Hope you will find lots here to take your interest!

10th April 2016, 10:31 PM
#2&3, Ray & Doc, Graham hasn't been on site since Oct 2014 probably best to send pm.

Doc Vernon
10th April 2016, 10:35 PM
Oh gosh! I should have seen that Marian I am slipping! Damn!! LOL:rolleyes:

Oh well he may still see it! Mmmmmm!

Charlie Hannah
11th April 2016, 05:02 AM
I was on a few of of these ships.S.S. Empress of France Aug 54to Jan 1955. M.V. Salamanca Dec.57 to mar 58.M.V. Salinas,Aug64 Oct 6 .Empress of England Jan. 60 to Apr60.Empress of France,again, 1960 Oct6 to Oct 25. Pretoria Castle Mar 22 to May 4.