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Yes John, times certainly have changed.
But despite all the problems of times now long gone it was only a matter of time before new systems would take over from the old.
Happens in all industries, but for those of us who knew the old ways it can be hard to accept the changes.
John in Oz.
Yes modern systems can be difficult to adapt to but regarding seafaring the buzz going round is all about autonomous ships, zooming around the world controlled by someone sitting in a darkened room thousands of miles away.
Yet the head of the largest shipping company, Maersk, who is not all that old, has recently stated he does not expect to see them in his lifetime, nor would be want them. He says that modern technology has allowed them to reduce crewing costs to its lowest safe level and he could not envisage his 22,000 t.e.u. vessels sailing without some human input on board because as he says, despite all of today's advances, once your vessel clears port it is subject to factors such as weather that are beyond the capabilities of remote control, u˝like a land based operation that can be controlled or shut down by a simple switch.